Blue Badge sheme application fiasco

  hssutton 10:47 20 Aug 2017

My daughter was born with cerebral palsy and has had a blue blue badge (previously orange) since 1975. I have recently received an email from the local council advising that it will shortly require renewing. Filled in the forms and attached the required photo and documents. Have just received a letter saying they cannot proceed with application as the passport has expired by a few months. They have also sent a different application form to fill in and require a copy of her birth certificate to replace the passport. The new forms have over 40 questions to be filled in. The seventh being 'I am unable to walk' selected this, but there are then approx 30 more question about how walking affects you. I'm also very puzzled as to why a birth certificate is more important than the expired passport. Bureaucracy gone mad?

  morddwyd 11:23 20 Aug 2017

I currently have a formal complaint pending with with the Veterans UK operational team over just the same thing with Fife Council.

I receive the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement, which, like the Higher Rate of DLA/PIP Mobility Component, which I have no doubt your daughter receives, qualifies for the issue of a Blue Badge automatically, and also for the exemption of Road Tax.

When I applied for renewal last month, the normal six weeks before expiry i was told I was too early, and I had used the wrong form and had to apply for a "discretionary" badge (the "discretion" being the Council's, as to whether they issue a badge or not) and they gave me the relevant form, which sounds very much like yours.

This I submitted in person last week and was told my application would be assessed by the Blue Badge Team and "if successful" I would be informed. They also asked for the details of my GP so that they could check my condition with him. In fact, he has never assessed me, all my examinations having been done by MoD doctors.

I have no doubt this is all part of the Government's Crackdown on benefits, but if they pay me £600 a month (tax free!), and exempt me from Road Tax, for my disability, why are they bothered about a couple of quid a week parking charges?

  hssutton 17:13 20 Aug 2017

  • which I have no doubt your daughter receives, qualifies for the issue of a Blue Badge automatically, and also for the exemption of Road Tax.* That's correct and the benefits are awarded indefinitely. So is it the new blue badge team throwing their weight around like most tin pot council workers with a bit of power

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 20 Aug 2017

Have a similar problem with a bus pass for my mother (88).

She moved house 2yrs ago this month, the pass was due to run out council sent the renewal notice to the old address even though they have been informed of new address and council tax now paid by DD.

By the time she received the letter pass had expired, can't renew on line, phone up and sent required proof birth cert utility bill as requested.

^ months later and Still wouldn't renew as they insisted person of same name at a different address (her old address). (God knows how they go on if your name is Smith or Jones).

Have applied for a new pass from scratch and awaiting what excuse they come up with next.

  canarieslover 19:43 20 Aug 2017

My local council did not even notify me of pending renewal, cost saving being quoted. When I went onto website six weeks before due date it showed that you should apply at least 8 weeks in advance of renewal. I duly filled in online forms and took documentation into local council offices along with application number and cheque. Clerk on the desk checked documents and said that they would go into internal post to correct (outsourced) department. Two weeks later I received a letter indicating that they could not proceed due to there being no photograph included with application. As it was there when the clerk checked documentation and I saw her put it into the envelope that I had provided, I can only assume that it was lost when envelope was opened later. I was left without my pass for six weeks due to this. Fortunately I have family I can rely on to either shop for me or take me there.

  Aitchbee 20:03 20 Aug 2017

Still on the subject of Bus Passes, I accidently sat on and rendered my pass useless as it was in 3 pieces. I only had to phone up the number printed on the card and provide my name and postcode. New replacement Card was sent out 5 days later. No hassle. I was impressed. Only thing is the expiry date on new card is still same. ie. 30 Nov 2017. So, expect to get a notification letter [with a 30 page application form to fill in ] quite soon to re-apply when the time comes. I suppose they want to check that I am still alive and living at same address!

I'd better look out my DWP award letters, doctor's reports, utility bill's and Passport ... etc etc etc.

  hssutton 22:38 20 Aug 2017

Off topic, but we have been notified that we will be having a visit from a 'professional' to see if my daughter qualifies for PIP on Tuesday so will hold fire on sending my daughters Blue Badge papers in.

  BT 09:09 21 Aug 2017


Still on the subject of Bus Passes

When my Bus Pass expired last year they just sent me a new one. I didn't have to apply for it. Perhaps things are different in Norfolk!!

  hssutton 10:05 21 Aug 2017

H. Actually it's Lincolnshire. Not sure what it's like up your way, but here the NHS including GPs have ground to an almost halt. To get a Doctors appointment I had to go via my MP at House of Commons. Social workers who should check on my daughters welfare (learning difficulties) Not seen one in over 5 years. I had occassion to phone them a few weeks ago over a problem we have but no one was available to speak to, nor did they attempt to contact us. Due to my wifes and my age they will certainly have to become involved by next year. My daughter had an assessment by wheelchair services 12 months ago where it was decided that she needs an electric powered chair and also a non powered chair as an emergency back up. She got the manual chair which is totally unsuitable, incorrect size making life difficult and uncomfortable for her. All we get from the service is she needs a driving assessment before we can supply one, but will give no idea of when she can take the assessment.

  Forum Editor 10:17 21 Aug 2017

There has been widespread abuse of the Blue badge scheme, and I imagine that local authorities (who have responsibility for administering it) are using a 'broad-brush' approach to check renewals.

  Cymro. 11:09 21 Aug 2017

What I dislike is the way it changes from one local authority to the next. As the above posting show no two councils seem to operate the same. My own local authority are on their third way of doing things in as many Blue Badge applications. There must be a best way of doing such things out there somewhere.

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