Blood tests

  jack 19:40 22 Jun 2010

I have to have an armful removed quite frequently for this test and that so that by disintegration can be monitored.

A friend called by this morning for coffee and a slice of Fathers Day chocolate cake.
I mentioned that I shall be going tomorrow for double test- two individual forms for different departments[Two arms full I wonder?]
He remarked that he too had a test on Monday.

He confided with me that in his opinion the whole business is a sham.
The real reason they take the tests is that at the back of the mortuary - there is a Black Pudding factory.
Hmm - Sweeny Todd lives on.

  john bunyan 19:46 22 Jun 2010

Perhaps they dry it to feed the tomatoes?

  sunnystaines 21:22 22 Jun 2010

no you have it wrong its stored in the freezer for the full moon then fed to their pet vampire bats..

  canarieslover 21:30 22 Jun 2010

At least at Darenth you can be in and out again quite quickly if go there in the early afternoon. I was there a couple of weeks ago and only spent a few minutes waiting, got to be the shortest time that I have ever experienced for a blood test.

  wiz-king 21:31 22 Jun 2010

As the donor of a couple of armfuls a month, last time I went the usual vampire was not at the surgery and I asked where she was and got told on holiday but could not get back because of Icelandic ash, I remarked 'I didn't think it affected Transylvania' and was met with a stony silence. They still took the blood!

  ams4127 22:03 22 Jun 2010

My kind of humour....

  spuds 09:53 23 Jun 2010

I get worried when the nurse or blood taker beckons you forward, then smiles and blood is dripping off the two front fanged teeth.

Joking apart though. I recently had a blood check in hospital for a possible heart problem. The consultant and GP were telling me that the new tests are far better in finding possible faults with your system, than what they were twelve months ago. The GP was saying that their practice would love to do the tests, because it would save calling for an ambulance if the ECG machine shows concern. Alas the cost of the blood tests are to high, so ambulance it is, until the hospital confirms no worries.

  jack 10:41 23 Jun 2010

At least at Darenth you can be in and out again quite quickly
My best time is 3 pm in and out in a trice - then a stroll home for a cuppa and a biscuit- just like the old donor days ;-]

  Toneman 11:02 23 Jun 2010

What's this about an armful? My usual test is only three small syringes, up to now. You've got me worried...

  jack 12:01 23 Jun 2010

A jest on the Famous Tony Hancock sketch.
But perhaps you are right, things change,testing for each search may require a syringe per go.

click here

Why it may be both arms and a buttock this time
Now I am worried ;-}

  jack 20:13 23 Jun 2010

I told her the story
She chuckled and said 'tis true but not every one is to know this - see me later and I'll give you a length ;[email protected]

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