Bloggers beware - Microsoft had the last laugh

  anskyber 15:17 17 Apr 2008

It seems that a spoof ad video for Vista had the bloggers in apoplexy over Microsofts incompetence.

It seems it was a joke (it needs to be it's so bad) and the indignation backfired.

click here

  bremner 15:44 17 Apr 2008

The video is awful - but can you give us a link to the story.

  anskyber 15:51 17 Apr 2008
  bremner 15:54 17 Apr 2008


Seems even MS can't take Vista seriously :0)

  anskyber 15:57 17 Apr 2008

No, I think it's quite good when organisations can laugh at themselves. It healthy.

I like and am happy with Vista but I also think it's good that XP, as an excellent OS, has demonstrated that not everyone wants bells and whistles. Horses for courses.

  lotvic 21:00 17 Apr 2008

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