Is this 'Blind Bribary?'

  jack 17:17 13 Oct 2009

Returning home this morning the -postman had been
Junk in the letterbox and a package behind the planter in the porch.
'Ho ho what did I buy now and forgot about'
Examining it further it contain 4 illuminants uf the low light variety.
Sent from an address in Scotland and sponsored by Scottish power
To me in semi rural Kent with no connection with said firm at all.
Are they making inroads down south - can they be cheaper than EDF/BG

  Forum Editor 17:25 13 Oct 2009

it's a free gift of some energy-saving lamps. Most, if not all power companies have been sending them out.

  jack 17:39 13 Oct 2009

I have had several from both of my suppliers in the past.
As in my post Scottish Power has had no contact with me, although I believe there are folk locally who are billed by them -because perhaps of some 'deal' in the past.

  morddwyd 20:36 13 Oct 2009

This is not Consumerwatch, but as an ex-customer I would be without electricity altogether rather than go to Scottish Power.

  jack 10:34 14 Oct 2009

'I would be without electricity altogether rather than go to Scottish Power.'
May be the answer- they are perhaps short of customers hence - this 'Gift'
How did they get my address?
It was not a mass drop as far as I can see

  Ventad 10:49 14 Oct 2009

Perhaps you should check with your supplier to see that you have not been changed to S/P. My 80 year old father was changed without his knowledge, he recieved a box of energy lamps so I checked up and found that he had been changed.

  Stuartli 11:24 14 Oct 2009

It's more likely that a cheaper energy supplier has been found - however, the gas and/or electricity is still delivered by the original energy company.

ScottishPower serves our area (North West) after taking over MANWEB in 1995.

However, I switched to PowerGen (now E-On) quite a number of years ago, but the gas and electricity comes via ScottishPower.

  Stuartli 11:30 14 Oct 2009

Another example with energy saving bulbs are those you can buy for silly money in the supermarkets.

This is due to the Government's demand a few years ago that energy companies provide energy saving measures or risk a windfall tax on profits.

So some of the bulbs you can buy cheaply at, say Tesco, may have been arranged through E-On, whilst a Morrison's offer could be through a linkup with another energy supplier.

I've certainly taken advantage - the space under our stairs is jammed with energy saving bulbs costing as little as a penny each (from Tesco!)

I'll lay a pound to a penny that I'll be long departed before even a fraction of them have been used.....

  Ventad 11:58 14 Oct 2009

If you were refering to my input it was a definate change, it was found to be one of the new suppliers agents trying to boost his bonus not S/P by the way.

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