Blatant criminality

  SG Atlantis® 21:14 01 Mar 2006

click here

Tried reporting to ebay and nothing's happened in the last day, mean while he's racking up sales!


  Bob The Nob© 21:20 01 Mar 2006

..shame that people can get away with it on a 'safe market place'

  ade.h 21:50 01 Mar 2006

click here Looks like it comes under the 3rd section there. Ought to be chucked off in that case.

  spuds 00:12 02 Mar 2006

eBays Prohibited and Restricted Items: Overview conditions are broken everyday.Look at the items listed under questionable, and your are virtually guaranteed to see most of those or very similar items listed on a daily basis.

  Al94 09:03 02 Mar 2006

Same with these, numerous Dell Inspiron 6000's at "giveaway" prices! Looks like Ebay is loosing control click here

  Al94 09:04 02 Mar 2006

(I was referring to the ones from China)

  jack 10:08 02 Mar 2006

So what are these 'Dell' machines
Dell selling off overstock[ does happen I've seen Dell items on a reputable surplus stock dealer]
or an Oriental Rip Off Merchant?
If it is the the latter Dell must by now be aware and sanctioning E-Bay in some way.

  Al94 10:21 02 Mar 2006

It is clearly the latter, look here click here and the feedback for one of the sellers.

  spuds 10:28 02 Mar 2006

But note the 100% feedback :o(

  Al94 12:22 02 Mar 2006

Yes but 100% feedback from bidders who have been removed as ebay members indicates that they were all false.

  Totally-braindead 12:56 02 Mar 2006

I had a look myself and as you say it appears the feedback are from fictitious bidders which is why I presume they were removed, but why has the guy still got positive feedback, even supposing they can't prove the guy was involved the least they could do would be remove all the suspect positive feedback from the bidders they kicked off don't you think. Perhaps they've been kicked off for something else.

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