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Blasts from the past. Remember any of these?

  qwbos 00:21 02 Jan 2019

FE asked an Excel question a few weeks back, and, when I saw it, I thought "That's a question for ??????", but try as I might, I couldn't remember his name. So tonight, fancying a break from the XS season, I did some digging and came up with VoG, who, sadly, no longer seems to be around. I can't remember him ever failing.

I was first on here around 2004 and can't remember my username, but in the course of my VOG search, I found numerous names I remember from the time I was first here that no longer seem to be around, among them

johnnyrocker, Chub Tor, Sethaniel, dagwood, morddwyd, Breitling, rawprawn, Legolas, Eargasm, Gandalf, mysticnas, bagpuss, powerless, flecc, Graham, Diemmess, Barmoor, Southernboy, Stuartli, spikeychris, Newuser1936, Sapins, anniesboy68 and Sir Radfordin.

When I was here then, I had dial up, and a new MESH PC with XP. I seem to remember I went from Windows 3.1 to XP at a time when XP was at it's most problematic, so this forum was a godsend to many lost souls. It was also a time when MESH were churning out pretty good value PCs, but their customer service for those having problems left a lot to be desired. (I think mine is around 15 now and it still works, so the components must have been pretty good!)

I remember many heated exchanges on the forum at that time regarding MESH, mainly due to one Sir Radfordin refusing to believe that anyone's problems were genuine. He's probably a diplomat now.

My apologies to them if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember flacc and Graham generating some heat, but I'm damned if I can remember how. Funny how impressions stick, but the detail has faded.

  BT 09:25 04 Jan 2019

wee eddie

I remember in the late 70's visiting, as part of my job, Quaker Oats at Southall. They had a glass walled Computer Room in their main office with vast cabinets of electronics. Access was restricted to a privileged few employees and everyone else had to gaze through the glass windows.

  wee eddie 09:51 04 Jan 2019

BT, now you mention it, the Computer Room did have a glass wall, probably so that the Clients could marvel at it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 04 Jan 2019

Started with a spectrum 48K (still have it) followed by a couple of 128k and 128k +2, Played with 286 and 386 at work.

First "proper PC was a Pentium in early 93 cost nearly £1000, buggered up the motherboard trying to flash the BIOS. Cost a couple of hundred to replace motherboard, cpu and memory (didn't dare tell the missus).

Built my own after that, til bought a Medion from Aldi approx 2005 (still have in attic), 2015 bought an i5 from Chillblast still going strong.

Have 4 laptops a pristine HP running win 98 (ex work), hand me down Toshiba running vita from my niece. Compaq (ex win 7) throwaway I repaired and updated to win 10 and a refurbished HP I couldn't resist after a discussion in the help forum earlier last year.

I keep looking at all these + the spare PSUs, fans, cables, cases, keyboards etc. I think I need help as I can't seem to throw away any of this old tech :0(

  wee eddie 12:33 04 Jan 2019

Your house must look something like a well known yard in Oil Drum Lane!

  Eargasm 16:50 04 Jan 2019

Well I'm still here !..... I can recall VOG saying he chose his username based on his age ( Very Old Git) he was a genius with Excel, I can also recall a lady called Nellie, who was a expert at removing malware and trawling through my " HijackThis" log and helping me out of a pickle many years ago. Hope all is well with them.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 04 Jan 2019

wee eddie yes except for the horse (Hercules) :0)

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