Blair seat allocation.

  bri-an 07:54 19 Jan 2010

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Why are a third of the seats allocated to the public going to 'bereaved service' families in the ballot?
This would seem to me to suggest a 'kangaroo court' type of proceeding.
It should be an open ballot, surely.

  wiz-king 08:06 19 Jan 2010

As they have had their family killed I think, as does the person doing the allocation, that they have a greater right to be there than Joe Blogs.

  bri-an 08:23 19 Jan 2010

Sad to say, I agree with you about the 'vox pops' I think it may well prove more 'popular' to broadcast these views that the actual evidence spoken.


Can't agree they have more right, the war was fought in all our names, whether we agreed or not, and I don't think it represents 'fair' to have the place packed with those who lost family in that war. Just sends the wrong message about 'fair trial' to me.

  wiz-king 10:22 19 Jan 2010

It is not a trial - in any form - it is an enquiry. I doubt whether any court proceedings will ensue.

  bri-an 11:00 19 Jan 2010

"It is not a trial - in any form - it is an enquiry"

Fair point, but I did put the 'fair trial' in quotes for just that reason; it's probably a case, though, that many people will see the inquiry as a 'trial', of sorts.

But I still don't understand why service families should be given priority?

  peter99co 12:24 19 Jan 2010

Service families and the Iraq War may have some connection?

  bri-an 12:44 19 Jan 2010

Surely everyone in the country has 'some connection' with the war - we all paid for it , for example, maybe not with our lives, of course.

There should be no special cases at something like this.

  peter99co 13:10 19 Jan 2010

We all paid for it with money!

  bri-an 15:29 19 Jan 2010

"We all paid for it with money!"

How else does one pay for anything? Or are you simply reinforcing the point I just made?

  T0SH 18:49 19 Jan 2010

If you watch the TV coverage as I do from time to time then read the headlines on the BBC news and in the newspapers some time later you could be forgiven for thinking that they covered a different version than you watched

But I suppose the old addage of "never let the truth stand in the way of a good headline" certainly does apply today

Cheers HC

  bremner 19:48 19 Jan 2010

It has been the continual petitioning by the bereaved families that has to a fair degree led to this enquiry.

Chilcott met with the families before it started to reassure them it would not be a whitewash.

Those in this country who have suffered the most from the action in Iraq are the bereaved families. Of course they should have priority when the man responsible for sending their loved ones to their deaths gives his account of why he sent them.

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