Blackpool needs 'posher' tourists

  day2strike 13:42 10 Jul 2008

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  jtt 14:14 10 Jul 2008

I'm middle class, and used to go to Blackpool when I was a working class child. I must go there again now that I've crossed the class barrier (oh and the middle age barrier).

  oresome 14:53 10 Jul 2008


I'm lower class and I look up to you, but it doesn't alter the fact that Blackpool is not on my list of places to visit.

I'm sure there's the making of a comedy sketch here, but perhaps it's been done.

  crosstrainer 15:12 10 Jul 2008

I'm a beggar, and I look up to both of you :)

Wasn't there a classic 2 Ronnies sketch along these lines?

  ventanas 15:21 10 Jul 2008

Yep, with John Cleese back in the 60's.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:30 10 Jul 2008

'Wasn't there a classic 2 Ronnies sketch along these lines?' was from The Frost report, circa 1965 with John Cleese as the upper crust chap. ;-)

I had the misfortune recently, to visit an aged aunt who has inexplicably moved to Blackpool. Admittedly it was a grey, wet day but I was truly appalled by the tackiness of the place and the general bleakness (especially on the way to the *ahem* airport *ahem*) and consistent grubbiness. IMHO the place has gone to the dogs and resembles one of the 1950/60's seaside resorts that crop up in B&W angst-ridden films/gritty northern dramas of that era.
It had the countenance and foreboding of a ghost town that seems totally out of place in the 21st century or any other century backwards to the Dark Ages for that matter and I felt completely embarrassed as I took a friend, from the States, who kept repeating 'Monessen, Monessen' at every stop light. Apparently Monessen is a run down steel town in Penn. State :-(
Betjeman got it 250 miles wrong when he invited the friendly bombs to flatten Slough.


  crosstrainer 15:42 10 Jul 2008

This is a sad sign of our current times. I visited Cornwall in early April this year, and visited Newquay. It was alway's a vibrant little resort, with an active nightlife intended for the younger "surfer" set. but was always clean, and well maintained.

To my dismay, I found a run down, dirty, overgrown tip. I was only paying a flying visit to see an old friend and conduct some business, but was appalled at the state of the place. Discarded rubbish, used syringes, condoms etc.

My friend informed me that he no longer even shops there (although he is only 2 miles away) and prefers to travel further away.

Maybe it's a rose tinted memory thing, but I lived very close to Newquay with my wife, and It was a once a place for families to take a traditional holiday.

Many places are suffering the same fate it would seem.

  spuds 16:08 10 Jul 2008

Over a number of years, we use to visit Blackpool in the Illuminations season. About 12 years ago, we said never again, the place was becoming rundown and depressing.

And as for attracting posher people, didn't the government put the stop to the 1st Super Casino!.

That was suppose to have brightened things up a little.

  €dstowe 16:14 10 Jul 2008

What a load of tosh.

All that proposal will achieve is put off the people who already like/go to the place because they will think they aren't wanted and the "posh" people will be even more put off because they will believe the place is currently overrun with undesirables*.

*It may be, I've never been.

  Cymro. 16:26 10 Jul 2008

AS I live just about close enough to be able to go to Blackpool for just a day out it is a place that I have been to many times in the past. But my last visit was over 30 years ago and so I remember the place with the fond memories of youth.

But from what I have read so far it will be a very long time before I ever go there again. But I suspect that Blackpool is no worse than many such traditional British seaside resort that have seen better days. The cheap foreign holiday with a good chance of fine weather has seen to the end of such places as Blackpool.

I regularly travel to or through such places along the North Wales coast, places like Colwyn Bay (a place that I believe our F.E. had connections with) he would be very sad to see the place today. Such is also the fate of Llandidno, Rhyll, Prestatun and probably many more such resorts.

So don`t knock Blackpool too much as it still holds very many happy memories for a lot of people of my generation.

  Bingalau 16:29 10 Jul 2008

Sounds as if someone has got to speak up for Blackpool, so it looks like it has to be me. I go there every year for an annual re-union and we stay at the Norbreck Castle Hotel. Six hundred or more of us enjoy our stay over a weekend and the staff although mostly immigrants are very efficient and look after us well. I have also been on other occasions to different hotels and once again have nothing but praise for the staff and also the entertainers employed by these hotels. Blackpool may be gradually going downhill and the reason for that is all the holiday makers who prefer to spend their money in foreign lands. Reading about the dangers of foreign holidays where people are dying because of unserviced boilers and lack of supervision at swimming pools etc., would put me off going to most of those places. So come on and "let's hear it for Blackpool" and all the other run down seaside resorts.

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