Black Friday____Was it a Damp Squib?

  oresome 14:37 26 Nov 2016

Pictures in this mornings Mail depict a quiet start to Black Friday at some physical shopping centres, although the photos had been taken very early to be fair.

Perhaps everyone was shopping on-line? Or has the novelty worn off? Or is the thought of a second wave of austerity measures weighing on peoples minds?

I bought nothing on or off line apart from the usual food for the table but then I haven't in past years either.

  rickf 16:14 26 Nov 2016

Actually reports are that it's been a bumper sale, both online and in the shops. Of course all spent on credit. I think people are buying before prices rise in the new year or soon after as they are bound to because of the falling pound and the uncertain political times we are living in

  Burn-it 17:33 26 Nov 2016

Well the shops are going to report a whopping sale whether they did or not - aren't they? Can't say the whole idea is a total con can they??

  Aitchbee 20:58 26 Nov 2016

Off subject slightly but local charity shop puts out 'new' second-hand dvd's and cd's every friday about 4.00pm ... has done so for the past year or so - donors must be doing a clearout of their stuff. Great bargains!

  oresome 11:20 27 Nov 2016

Analysis in todays papers suggests that on-line sales continue to rise year on year at the expense of physical shops.

Perhaps the rugby scrums of previous years has deterred physical shoppers. (Pun intended)

  wee eddie 09:58 29 Nov 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a good way of moving stock and also of ramping up the Festive Hype. I have little doubt that Retailers buy in products, especially for these occasions on the assumption that some of those customers who fail to achieve their, sought after, purchase will buy an alternative.

  oresome 11:15 29 Nov 2016

A while ago I was looking for a new TV and tracked one particular model made by Panasonic. I soon realised that it only ever appeared in the shops in the run up to a Bank Holiday and was advertised as having a large discount on the normal price and then disappeared off the shelves again.

It appeared to be specially manufactured for such sale events with a reduced spec compared with the normal stock items. Fewer input / output sockets etc. and a slightly changed model number which often varied from retailer to retailer to avoid direct price comparisons or price matching.

  Forum Editor 17:14 29 Nov 2016


"It appeared to be specially manufactured for such sale events with a reduced spec"

Those are referred to as 'derivative' products. Sony, Samsung, and HP have all manufactured such products at some point.

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