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Black Friday is Almost Here

  Menzie 21:00 26 Nov 2019

It's that time of year where folks will be fighting in-store over off-brand TV sets.

Anyone on here planning to join in the... festivities?

  john bunyan 21:32 26 Nov 2019

Be careful!

not all they seem

  simonjary 21:58 26 Nov 2019

It's true, many Black Friday deals aren't the cheapest you'll find them.

Tech Advisor editors know this and have checked prices and value, so check out our recommended Black Friday deals for the best ones.

Remember buy only what you really need!

  Menzie 22:48 26 Nov 2019

I've been looking, currently I don't need anything that I don't already have.

I was thinking of a new video card for my Desktop, but with prices as they are it really isn't worth it at the moment even with the reductions.

I'm glad I no longer work in retail, I did retail once on Black Friday and it was chaos, it was non-stop and the store opened at 6am instead of the usual 9am.

  wee eddie 11:18 27 Nov 2019

Many Store Groups buy in Stock, especially for Black Friday.

Each Item will be offered for 60 days (or whatever the local legal requirement is) at an exorbitant price in one of their Stores, to allow them to display a healthy "Mark Down" and a good profit on Black Friday. It's also used for clearing "old" Stock

  Menzie 13:25 27 Nov 2019

Didn't know about the local legal requirements.

I've looked at my home theatre subwoofer which I bought two years ago. It was purchased casually when my previous home theatre broke. It turns out that I got a good price in the middle of the year on a normal summer's weekend as the black Friday deal is quite a bit more!

  canarieslover 14:23 27 Nov 2019

Make people believe they're getting a bargain, even if they aren't really. Giving it a special name like 'Black Friday' was a stroke of sales genius.

  Menzie 15:51 27 Nov 2019

That also explains the small furniture store near me that has been having a closing sale for the past year.

It seems that those words bring a lot of people in seeking a bargain.

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