Black Books TV Series

  iqs 14:30 09 Jul 2010


Has anyone seen the TV series Black Books.

I have read reviews which praise the show,but what's your opinion please.

Thank you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:43 09 Jul 2010

Along with Ideal, The Mighty Boosh and Nightingales, I think it is one of the best ever comedy programmes. It is not uproariously funny but is very subtle, more subtle than the ridiculous Birds of a Feather and Goodnight Sweetheart. Like the other programmes though, you do need to remember that is is a comedy of characters and they take a couple of episodes to gel.

You can get programme set DVDs quite cheaply, from Play or Amazon.(I've just bought the series 1-3 of The Mighty Boosh for about £12 and the whole Nightingales series for £4.


  iqs 19:49 09 Jul 2010

Hi GANDALF <|:-)> ,many thanks for the reply.

Will have a look at The Mighty Bosh and Nightingales.
Currently there's a lack of quality comedy ,at the moment,also I'm about 10 years behind.I only heard about Spaced last year.Bought the Spaced box set,best £10 I have ever spent.

Once gain many thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:01 10 Jul 2010

If you like 'Spaced' then I have a feeling that you will really like 'Ideal'. There were only 2 series of 'Nightingales' made and it is a bit of an odd 80s/90s gem that deserves a wider audience for it's quirkiness if nothing else.


  iqs 16:25 11 Jul 2010

Hi GANDALF <|:-)>

Have just watched the first series of Black Books.Took a while to appreciate the style of humour/writing ,but I'm very impressed.
Will be watching the second series this evening.

I just cant believe I missed all these great shows,where was I the last 10 years?????

Thanks again for the replies,regards.iqs

  jtt 12:53 13 Jul 2010

It did get better as time went by. I thought that this was because it took a while for me to get into it, but when I watched the first couple of episodes of the first series again, I still thought that they were a bit poor.

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