Bitcoin does anyone use them?

  Autoschediastic 15:13 08 Jul 2011

Had a friend try to get me to use these yesterday, ive never heard of them and know nothing about the process?

Are they a scam are the claims genuine?

  Terry Brown 15:28 08 Jul 2011

As far as I can see, they are used as gambling units, and as such I would not touch them with a bargepole.


  wiz-king 15:35 08 Jul 2011
  interzone55 16:55 08 Jul 2011

Also, I'd advise you to look at these stories as well

  interzone55 16:58 08 Jul 2011
  interzone55 16:58 08 Jul 2011

I give up...

  Autoschediastic 17:33 08 Jul 2011

Terry Brown thanks for the input! wiz-king cheers for the link

Alan loool are u a tad frustrated sire?? thanks for the links.

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