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Bit of praise for Plusnet

  Belatucadrus 17:59 30 Jan 2020

Just over a year ago I was with BT for my broadband and was encountering connection problems, I called endured many tedious minutes listening to horribly distorted musak. Only to eventually be told by some disinterested apparatchik that as I wasn't on a contract they really couldn't be bothered. "Need a contract mate" was his passing shot. As a long standing customer who was already paying exactly the same rate as I would have on contract this abrogation of responsibility grated. Need a contract did I OK but not necessarily with that lot, let's try somebody else. At the time Plusnet were offering the best package so I bit the bullet and a year down the line still happy.

What brings this comment on, well two things, first a repeat of the connection issue only this time no waiting no being fobbed off, a young lady named Natalie answered the phone straight away, tested the line and reset it, all now hunky dory call me impressed. Second I checked my account to find a special offer was available, take another 18 month contract when the current one expires and instead of £10.99 a month for broadband I can have it for £0.00. This didn't require too much thought. I was with BT for years and never got offered any incentives worth a damn.

I am aware that BT own Plusnet I've just been pleasantly surprised at the difference in service between the allegedly Budget Plusnet and the so called Premium BT.

  clint 19:02 30 Jan 2020

Except for for a small glitch on change over day,the engineer connected my line to a new number, sorted quickly after calling them when I moved from totally incompetent TalkTalk, never had any other problems with Plusnet.

  Dunk 19:12 30 Jan 2020


Been with Plusnet for many years, but always look around, come renewal time. Presently on an 18 month contract, and will now be seeing if I can get your £0.00 deal when it ends!!!

  john bunyan 19:23 30 Jan 2020

Switched from Talk talk a year ago, bb only ( agree with clint). PlusNet very good. Just renewed contract , this time they insulted I included line rental . Worked out much cheaper than old plan with separate BT line. Good that call centres are in UK,

  Gordon Freeman 20:28 30 Jan 2020

Also with plusnet, contract expires Aug 2020.

I'd be interested, obviously, in extending with them if they are doing £0.00 (£zero) for 18 months, if it still exists.

  x13 22:01 30 Jan 2020

With Plusnet since 2011. Lately they were going to up the price as out of contract. Had a nice word with them and ended up with this - Unlimited Fibre Broadband: £1.96 per month for 18 months and then £15.99 thereafter Line rental: £19.99 per month - which I'm happy with. FTTC and get an average 24 Mbps speed which isn't bad for my area. Will get an email again just before end of contract and will no doubt have a nice word again.

  Quickbeam 06:31 31 Jan 2020

JB, in what manner did they insult you...?

  x13 08:58 31 Jan 2020

JB, in what manner did they insult you...?

Typos makes you smile sometimes - wish I did less of them :(

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