A Bit OTT?

  laurie53 08:04 27 Sep 2008

RAF football team banned for not meeting its football commitments because it is fulfilling others.

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I know it's the same for all teams, and they knew the rule when they started, but was there no way of stretching a point?

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:15 27 Sep 2008

Punished for doing thier job. The SFA should be ashamed of themselves.

  Forum Editor 08:45 27 Sep 2008

for displaying a little understanding, but sadly it wasn't grasped. It happens a million times a day in other areas of life, and goes unreported. This case demonstrates a particular lack of sensitivity, however, and the FSJA officials concerned should feel very ashamed indeed.

  spuds 11:15 27 Sep 2008

" the FSJA officials concerned should feel very ashamed indeed".

But will they, because it now appears that using common sense and a little humanity is less important, than one of showing a position of authority.

  Proclaimer 13:02 27 Sep 2008

"Corporal Miles Fish, the deputy officer in charge of the side, said of the 14 players he would like in his team, only four were available to play for the next month."

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That's four games in a season. I think they could field a team if they wanted to. All be it not a very good one.

In the same article, it mentions this type of ban had already happened with Cruden Bay a few years earlier so I see no reason to relax the rule at all.

  Forum Editor 13:46 27 Sep 2008

One reason might be that the players were unavoidably called to serve their country elsewhere. It's not as if they didn't feel like turning up or anything - the government gave them a job to do.

Being obsessed with treating everyone in exactly the same way, regardless of circumstances, is a blight that affects many aspects of our society. We've developed a system that must seem like heaven to small-minded, inflexible officials like SJFA secretary Tom Johnston.

  al7478 13:56 27 Sep 2008

So maybe they were doing something more important than football. So maybe it puts football into perpsective. So...who gives a monkeys, its a small time game of football.

  laurie53 19:26 27 Sep 2008

"So...who gives a monkeys,"

I expect the guys concerned give a monkey's.

  Legolas 19:49 27 Sep 2008

I don't think it really has much to do with football, that just happens to be the thing that brought this inflexible more than my jobs worth attitude to the fore.

I agree with the FE we seem to have lost the ability to treat different situations with different sympathies. There are many situations where rules are there as a guideline and can be interpreted according to the situation, where the spirit of the law can be applied rather than the word. This appears to be to be one such situation.

It is a pity those in the SJFA could not see over their inflated sense of importance.

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