A bit far fetched...

  dagbladet 12:33 03 Jan 2010

...That's what I said when Doctor Who jumped out off a spaceship and managed to crash right through the centre of the glass roof and land on the hard floor perfectly between the Master and the Time lords of Galafrey, without squishing himself, "that's a bit far-fetched", my young lad just looked at me and said "as opposed to time-travel, Daleks, Cybermen, planets made of giant spider-webs etc, etc?" I take his point of course, it's just...well, how did he time that jump right from a spaceship?

  Forum Editor 12:42 03 Jan 2010

He was cued by a studio assistant.

Total suspense of disbelief is essential when viewing Doctor Who.

  johndrew 12:50 03 Jan 2010

"Total suspense of disbelief is essential when viewing Doctor Who."

I agree. It is a sci-fi entertainment program and falls into the Harry Potter/Star Wars/Superman group. Unless there is genuine belief that man can fly and really do magic!!!

The other solution is to go and hide behind the settee!!!

  Quickbeam 13:01 03 Jan 2010

"He was cued by a studio assistant."
Did you have to go and spoil it...?

  Forum Editor 13:05 03 Jan 2010

I'm sorry. I'm sure she was wearing a rubber mask with wiggly bits on it if that makes it better.

  john bunyan 13:29 03 Jan 2010

Do adults watch this? Maybe there should be a reverse classification such as "Under 15 only". Bet this stirs a few nests!

  doesnotcompute 13:29 03 Jan 2010

I REALLY like girls who wear rubber masks with wiggly bits on them !!

  jack 13:45 03 Jan 2010

What channel please?

  Forum Editor 14:21 03 Jan 2010

settle down.

  Chris the Ancient 14:31 03 Jan 2010

I thought it was a documentary!

  dagbladet 15:59 03 Jan 2010

Do adults watch this?

Yes. Millions of them.

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