a bit of dilema

  ronalddonald 21:18 08 Dec 2008

I saw today one of the mothers taken their toddler to school by car. The toddler was not strapped in, now do report her, the mother always looks spaced out, always cover her arms long clothing and she is tall very skinny.

What would you do in this situation. I know that sometimes the child is brought down the mums mum ie the toddlers grandmother.

this is the first time i saw her do this what would you do should i tell the teachers at the nursery or drop it.

Its a decision which i wouldn't like to take. The toddler was standing in the rear seat holding onto the car window edge.

I don't know this lady's child and i don't know her very well briefly hello and goodbye.
Any advice would be grateful.

  Monument 21:34 08 Dec 2008

If I had informed the police every time I saw an unrestrained child in a car I would be a permenant fixture in the station.

  MAT ALAN 21:36 08 Dec 2008

I would put it simply and politely to the mother that if her child is not strapped in if she has any sort of a shunt the kids gonna DIE!!!!

  MCE2K5 21:41 08 Dec 2008

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  bluto1 21:43 08 Dec 2008

I'm not qualified to advise on the law or whataction you should take. Whatever type of dress is being worn is of no consequence. The child's safety is paramount. So whatever action you do take be very careful to cover yourself.

  Monument 21:56 08 Dec 2008

The problem is that the child is in danger and that if the car had an accident with someone who was speeding at, say 38mph in 30, then they almost certainly be seriously injured.

Pots and kettles spring to mind.

  peter99co 22:26 08 Dec 2008

Have a quiet word with the toddlers grandmother.

Keep an arms-length away if she looks as if she would poke you one for saying things about her daughter.

It is sad that children are neglected in this way.

  Forum Editor 22:39 08 Dec 2008

"....spaced out, always cover her arms long clothing and she is tall very skinny." you're making judgements that may be wide of the mark. The child's safety is another matter, and in the circumstances it might be an idea to find a way to say something, but be prepared to be told to mind your own business.

If you mention the safety belt issue you'll have done all you can reasonably do - then forget it. Your comment might just trigger the woman's conscience.

  tullie 22:46 08 Dec 2008

I too would be dressed appropriatly for winter

  WhiteTruckMan 22:55 08 Dec 2008

and it is a regular thing why not try speaking to your local community police person. They may be persuaded to be around the school at an appropriate time to see this, and they should have no hesitation in having a 'quiet word' with the mum in question without risking a confrontation with yourself.


  Switcher 23:20 08 Dec 2008

I can understand your dilemma. If anything happened to that child as a result of not being belted in you might feel some guilt, if you had not at least tried. I agree with White truckman.

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