A Bit of Dignity

  morddwyd 20:39 18 Aug 2011

Sally Bercow is reportedly in the next series of Big Brother.

I know it's the 21st century, and wives no longer have to subjugate themselves to their husband's career, but come on, he is the Speaker of the House of Commons, after all.

Doesn't that ancient and dignified office deserve a bit more respect?

God knows Mick Martin did it enough damage already.

And who can forget the oft repeated clips of that respected elected member George Galloway?

If the inhabitants (and she is one) of Westminster don't treat it with respect, why should the rest of the world?

  Aitchbee 20:45 18 Aug 2011

It's all about the money - Sally will be picking up 40,000 pounds.I would be tempted to 'degrade' myself for that too.

  john bunyan 20:50 18 Aug 2011

I am surprised hubby hasn't joined her..

  Aitchbee 21:04 18 Aug 2011

I hope the Jedward boys are allowed to keep their trademark hairdoos in good shape on the show..They are getting half a million each..hair-raising!

  Forum Editor 23:00 18 Aug 2011

Sally appears to me to be a woman who has an exaggerated opinion of her own charms, and a desire for self-publicity.

No doubt she will live up to expectations in the Big Brother house, and come out with the occasional outrageous comment. I shall not be watching.

  Chegs ®™ 07:27 19 Aug 2011

I watched one episode of the first Big Brother series,decided it was utter garbage & haven't watched since.Unfortunately for me,the local radio station's main DJ will often play clips of TV programs(including the "Hi,I'm Lucian mwah,mwah" from BB)so for the next few weeks/months,I'll be listening to absolutely any non-commercial radio stations.

  Quickbeam 07:31 19 Aug 2011

Hasn't it been said recently that it the younger generation that only has the desire for the attention of instant fame and gratification?

I can see why an unknown nobody might sell their soul to the mass media's appetite for dross, but not why any reasonably well off person would forever want to be the subject of sneering disdain at a Speaker's dinner party.

  cream. 14:55 19 Aug 2011

When she appeared on * have I got news for you* I seem to remember she just grinned through the whole show and hardly uttered a word.

She should be ideal for BB.

I/we shall not be watching.

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