Birmingham IRA pub bombers named

  john bunyan 22:24 22 Mar 2019



As the pub bombers have been named, will they be extradited and or charged, as was a Parachute Regiment pensioner over Bloody Sunday?

  Quickbeam 23:40 22 Mar 2019

No, which was my reason for questioning the value of that parra prosecution.

  Quickbeam 23:42 22 Mar 2019

Sometimes it's best to just leave the sleeping dogs alone.

  wee eddie 23:44 22 Mar 2019

Minor problem. All but one are dead. The remaining one is not well, apparently

  roger.roger 12:54 23 Mar 2019

As the pub bombers have been named, will they be extradited and or charged.

Yes they should be.

Just as ALL those from 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment should be charged, not one scapegoat, from the bloody Sunday massacre.

  Quickbeam 12:42 03 Apr 2019

The Sheffield Hillsborough jury has just failed to reach a verdict.

This has dragged on for decades, cost a fortune and is probably an accurate indicator of the likely outcome of a Bloody Sunday prosecution.

enter link description here

  Cymro. 13:41 03 Apr 2019

If it is maintaining peace in Northern Ireland that we want then prosecuting these I.R.A. bombers or members of the Parachute Regiment is not worth it. Too much risk for too little gain.

  wee eddie 13:48 03 Apr 2019

Another point for all to consider:

Why should we believe this, or for that matter any other, statement made by the IRA?

  Quickbeam 15:03 03 Apr 2019

Time to move on regardless.

  HondaMan 15:25 03 Apr 2019

Nothing showing!

  Quickbeam 18:44 03 Apr 2019

It was just a link to that story HondaMan.

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