Birds Eye cancels 180 pea farm contracts

  ky72 01:52 04 Feb 2010

I would of thought it would be hundred's of people that this would affect.? anyone got a better idea.? its news just in so the details are basic! mind u it is 01:50am..

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  six-h 01:57 04 Feb 2010

Diss gusting...pardon the pun:o)

  wiz-king 06:35 04 Feb 2010

The pod has finally popped.

  morddwyd 09:08 04 Feb 2010

Hopefully the new Code of Practice will help reduce this sort of thing in the future.

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This does emphasise the dangers of suppliers relaying on single contracts for their produce.

It just shows the power, not of life an death but not far from it, that big business and international trade can have over everyday life of ordinary folk.

How many of these 180 farms will still be in business next year, and how many of their employees will be out of work?

  robgf 11:11 04 Feb 2010

It's sad, but not Birds Eyes fault, if they have lost this Italian contract, they cant be expected to buy the raw materials.
As morddwyd says, a supplier needs to split their production amongst as many customers as possible, to protect against this quite common problem. Unfortunately if the supplier has few lines, this can be very difficult.

  oresome 14:34 04 Feb 2010

I used to have some peripheral involvement with the pea picking operation and it really is conducted with military precision by Birds Eye.

The field officers regularly inspected the crop and reported back to the operations control room at the factory. The picking machinery was moved from field to field and farm to farm at the absolute optimum time, day or night and the peas were then harvested and transported to the factory, which was within 10 miles of the growing area and frozen within a couple of hours.

  sunnystaines 14:44 04 Feb 2010

looks like the italians who the peas were intended for got pea'd off.

  Grey Goo 17:17 04 Feb 2010

Obviously got a tower of peasa already.

  Grey Goo 17:17 04 Feb 2010

Obviously got a tower of peasa already.

  Grey Goo 17:18 04 Feb 2010

Two towers it seems

  john bunyan 19:01 04 Feb 2010

No, but I once had to give a presentation on Birds Eye's reciprocating pea pricker ...(Used to help rapid freezing.)

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