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Bios after repair by HP

  Strawballs 01:02 25 May 2006

Just got my HP Lappy back from HP after needing a new MOBO because of a recharging problem,(under a yaer old) they said on the paper work that they replaced the MOBO and upgraded the bios and when came back the AVG was telling me that the date on the definitions file was wrong and MSN would not work then I noticed that the time was wrong so I accessed the bios and not only was the time wrong the date was 2003 luckly I know how to change it, but how many people would have to send it back again.

  Strawballs 11:09 25 May 2006

I don't think they assumed I knew I think it was an oversight, but if I didn't know I would have been without it for another week that is what would annoy most people something that takes a matter of minutes leaves them without their machine again

  Strawballs 12:56 25 May 2006

Good idea off to work now will do it when I get home

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