Binge drinking doesn't just affect the young

  BryanR 10:50 18 Jan 2008

I was most concerned to read about Philip Schofield's recent confessions. click here for the 'full' story. The number of times I've felt it necessary to move seats on the train because the businessman or woman sat next to me reeks of alcohol is too many to remember.

Perhaps the papers should focus less on students, and more on the older generations' binge-drinking habits.

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  Quickbeam 10:57 18 Jan 2008

and I thought he was a Mr Perfect!

  Quickbeam 11:06 18 Jan 2008

According to the medics I'm also a binge drinker. I'll have 5 or 6 pint once a week when I go out, and just the odd nip at home now and again... I don't reckon I am though.

If I got ratted a couple of times or three a week, then I would say I was.

  jakimo 11:22 18 Jan 2008

Do the older generation train passengers rant,scream,fall in a drunken stupor and lay in the gutter & threaten to destroy everyone & everything in site,if so, then the yes the papers should give them a mention.

  [email protected] 12:11 18 Jan 2008

i went through a stage of self denying i had a drink problem, i would go through hell on monday/ tuesday, start feeling better on wednesday/ thursday and friday night back to square one again, the problem was i was withdrawing on monday/ tuesday, this only lasted for about 15 years then i drank all the time and didnt suffer withdrawal until i quit, and that nearly killed me.
it's not as bad now, i do talks with young people and i think smoking drugs seems to have replaced the more costly and some say harmful alcohol.
this is a very very widespread situation.
i always drank to get drunk even in my early days and this, i believe is when problems occur.
some of my old friends were drinking to keep up with others they are now calmed down and grown up, some of the others have died a painful undignified death.
im told binge drinking is more damaging than being a full blown 24/7 alki, from my experience the most harmful drinking is done behind closed curtains at home.
adam 3 years sober 26/1/08

  Clapton is God 12:32 18 Jan 2008

"Perhaps the papers should focus less on students"

Indeed so. Let's not tar everybody with the same brush.

My elder daughter is a third year student and during all her time at Uni she (and her student friends) have never done any binge drinking.

  Legolas 12:49 18 Jan 2008

Very few people admit to drinking to much and even fewer admit to having a drink problem. I used to drink to excess every night of the week and only lived for the pub opening, after a visit to the doctor for what turned out to be gout, I was told I had a swollen liver and that I must drastically curtail my drinking.

As I felt ok I ignored this advice and went on drinking heavily for quite a few years more.

If anyone asked me if I thought I had a drink problem I would think about it for a minute and then decide that I didn't think I had.

I am now virtually TT and have been for 15 years. I only take an occasional drink when out for a meal or a couple of bottles of beer at New Year.

Ask any alchoholic or recovering alchoholic and they will tell you that before they finally admitted it to themselves they would have denied having a drink problem.

  Clapton is God 12:52 18 Jan 2008

"Ask any alchoholic or recovering alchoholic and they will tell you that before they finally admitted it to themselves they would have denied having a drink problem"


Ask Eric Clapton!

Or read his autobiography.

  Legolas 12:54 18 Jan 2008

I wrote my response before I read yours, now having done so they are eeriely similar. You say you always drank to get drunk I was exactly the same and couldn't understand people coming in to the for a couple of pints it just seemes like a waste of time to me. If I went out anywhere not drink related I always had to leave enough time to get to the pub and get drunk, my whole exsistence revolved round drink and getting drunk.

Thank God I am free from it now.

  jakimo 13:00 18 Jan 2008

Unless your daughter & her friends reside at their respective homes during their Uni course,I cant see how you can be so certain about what they do or don't do while living away from home,

I have regularly seen out of character behavior in the halls of residents,behavior that they would not dream of doing in the family home,this is not a criticism of anyone, just an observation on the way things are.

  [email protected] 13:06 18 Jan 2008

i dont go to aa meetings anymore, but speaking for myself i thought i was a special case, unique, and on my first aa meeting there was a whole room of people just like me, and that woke me up, saved my life.
i knew i had a drink problem for the last 5 years of craziness i just couldnt imagine a life without it and to die from it was the option i chose.
i find it very hard to believe that was me, and im very much aware that im only one can of pretty packaged super strength lager away from that sheer insanity once more.
i have tried this many times and it's simply impossible to explain what alcoholism is to a non alcoholic, it's a similar compulsion to anarexia maybe?

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