Bin mining

  hba4345 06:37 18 May 2006

I've recently read a book, First Light, the search for the edge of the universe, a story of the 200' Hale telescope on Palomar Mountain and the astronomers that used it.

One of the threads of the story concerned the Caltach 'gadgeteers', the guys who on limited budgets continuously updated the scopes instruments to enable it to 'see' further and further into the universe.

Due to budget constraints and suppliers unwilling to service the small orders they made they ended up trawling through the waste bins of technology industries, sometimes coming up with hugely expensive pieces of kit that had been thrown out.

Has anyone in the forum 'found' a diamond in the rough?

My only 'find' was the day the seat of my bike got nicked. As I pushed it home, too terrified to ride it lest I forgot the seat had gone, I spied a skip by the side of the road with two bike wheels poking out the top. I had a look, not daring to believe my luck, but there it was, another seat, and it fit!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:25 18 May 2006

A friend of mine became a millionaire in the 70s/80s by taking out the huge computers that companies used to use which were being replaced by the new, smalller models. He was paid quite a bit by the companies to do the removal and disposal but he made a fortune because he realised early on that the insides of these behemouths were full of platinum, gold connections, palladium etc., etc. which he used to melt down and flog on. He had left school with no qualifications and was unable to read or write properly until he was 30.


  SANTOS7 10:24 18 May 2006

Has anyone in the forum 'found' a diamond in the rough

"the wife"

  Shortstop 10:43 18 May 2006

It was the other way around for me - lol


  wiz-king 16:54 18 May 2006

Do it regularly, last gem was a Brother MFC 740 printer fax scanner - left it for a week to dry out from the rain and it works perfectly. I also pick up a far amount of money on my walk to and from work and have even been known to knock on someones door to ask if the want to get rid of the washing machine in the front garden - they did and we still use it for washing the dogs bed and the horses rugs 10 years later.

  Haol 17:28 18 May 2006

I call it dumpster diving and i've done it for quite a while, best time is to go at night or during a quiet time because...well I don't know why. Best places to go mining is at big company dumpsites.

  Haol 19:44 18 May 2006

Better start running then..

  wolfie3000 20:29 18 May 2006

As i am very tight fisted i wont pay for anything that i can get for free (legally),

Years back when i was at college me and a few friends went to scrap yards mainly for college work but once we found a Yamaha DT50 motocross bike with a ripped seat and dented fuel tank apart from that it worked fine so we said to the scrap yard owner we needed it for college work so he gave it to us we spent a few weeks doing it up and resprayed it after we sold it.

The money paid for our college stuff books calculators and such and we managed to get a holiday out of the rest of the money.

But if people want to get free pc bits its always good to go to local busuniess,s and ask em if they are throwing out any old pc bits.

  Forum Editor 06:51 19 May 2006

yesterday I saw a news item about a man who has become Britain's first full-time gold prospector. He makes a nice living from the gold he finds in rivers and streams, and on one occasion made £1100 in a day.

  PUNKA 07:50 19 May 2006

A guy we know goes to mail and parcel companies and buy's items lost and found for
3100.00 per pallet, sometimes it's a pallet of junk, the other week it was a pallet of large UPS worth about £500.00 each.where there's muck there's brass (or gold as the F.E. points out).


  PUNKA 07:51 19 May 2006

Guess he's dealing at a loss these days (stockmarket fluctuation) should be £100.00.

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