Bill's Navy?!

  [DELETED] 17:49 10 Apr 2006

Thought I'd share this with you.

While the family and I were out having lunch today, my boys and I were talking about our visit on board the HMS Grafton some months back. This warship was affiliated with our town but has since been sold to the Chilean navy I believe.

The conversation started with one of my boys asking "Dad, remember when we went on the MSN Grafton?" You can imagine, the wife and I fell about laughing.

I know Mr Gates is a bit wealthy, but I'm sure he doesn't need a navy!

  [DELETED] 17:54 10 Apr 2006

Very good!


  [DELETED] 19:08 10 Apr 2006

Was HMS Grafton a mine sweeper????

  [DELETED] 19:52 10 Apr 2006
  [DELETED] 20:09 10 Apr 2006

Thanks, just thought i reconised the name from when i was an apprentice in Devonport Dockyard.

  [DELETED] 23:01 10 Apr 2006

and here was me thinking it was SP3

  [DELETED] 23:12 10 Apr 2006
  [DELETED] 15:20 11 Apr 2006

I was on HMS Bramble (which was a minesweeper) doing Fishery Protection. HMS Grafton was our opposite number. When we came off station the Grafton (or the Lennox, another minesweeper) would take our place. At that time the Grafton was a Type 14 Frigate.

The biggest problem we had on the Bramble was our fastest speed was about 14 knots and the trawlers we were trying to catch had speeds of up to 22 knots.

  [DELETED] 15:39 11 Apr 2006

Was that in the North Sea and/or Icelandic waters?

I was reading about the particular Grafton that you refer to - one of the Type 14s - on that Wikipedia page and it mentioned that it was sent to patrol the waters against Icelandic trawlers that were fishing in British waters. It also mentioned that they discovered that the lightweight hulls were not structurally sound enough for use in heavy waters, so they had to be upgraded.

  [DELETED] 17:09 11 Apr 2006

ade.h, yep sure was. I spent 2 years based in Reykjavik. If the trawlers went out so did we.

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