Bikers are out this week end.

  Ex plorer 16:48 25 May 2013

Nice day and the bikers are out enjoying themselves, in the past nine years I have picked up three motor bikers who have fallen of in front off me.

One was caught in a cross wind, second braked at a Te junction and was unfortunate to catch a metal grid cover in the road.

Third going round a corner slowly and as he leaned over caught a patch of diesel with the bike sliding and going under land rover coming in the opposite direction. None of these bikers were speeding.

None hurt to the point of been whisked of to hospital.

I have come across one fatality with two bikers hitting head on, on a corner, and two further biker accidents involving cars all within 4 mile radius of where I live.

The total is very high over all, 50s I think over a 30 mile stretch of hospitalized cases.

I hope not to see or here the police or ambulance go by this week end and they all enjoy the dales.

  Quickbeam 17:01 25 May 2013

A month late, just like the spring.

The traditional biking season is 1st may to 31st october to coincide with a 6 month tax disc. It's bad form to shoot any bikers out of season during the winter rebuild months.

  bumpkin 17:34 25 May 2013

Anyone remember the Ace Cafe on the North Circular, We all used to meet up there when I was biking. No helmets in those days just jeans and a T shirt. Falling off was quite common and I broke a leg once, some others were less fortunate. Riding was great fun at the time especially on a sunny day. Still tempted to experience it again sometimes but todays traffic and my lack of experience with modern bikes turns it into a suicide mission.

  bumpkin 17:41 25 May 2013

Quickbeam, Not proper bikers then, what's a tax disc:-)

  bumpkin 17:45 25 May 2013

I had a full licence and insurance, anyone with a tax disc had to be a copper.

  Quickbeam 18:15 25 May 2013

I have some older friends that went to both the TT and Manx Grand Prix in the '50s. Apparently at that time you had to buy a Manx visitors tax disc which inconveniently (or very conveniently for the Manx government)ran out just before the September races requiring a new one to be bought!

They also used to drain the fuel tanks of bikes so that all the bikers had to push to the nearest filling station from the ferry and pay a premium price for fuel in Douglas.

  carver 18:19 25 May 2013

Last time I rode a bike was a very long time ago when I was in my late teens (over 40 years ago) I'd gone to college and a friend gave me a lift home on his Triumph.

Next day at college found out he had took a corner and the fairing on the bike had caught the ground and sent him straight into the path of a car.

Last time I ever went on a bike.

  fourm member 19:29 25 May 2013
  Quickbeam 19:37 25 May 2013

Four lines and a giant picture is a very poor report for you to direct us to fm.

  morddwyd 19:50 25 May 2013

"todays traffic and my lack of experience with modern bikes turns it into a suicide mission."


Started in 1956 and still got my BMW, normally taxed for twelve months.

Arthritic thumbs make delicate clutch control a bit more difficult these days, but time to give up is when you swap leather for oak!

  Quickbeam 19:54 25 May 2013

Not anytime soon I hope:)

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