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Big problems with my Amazon account

  Anon-337855 17:53 30 Aug 2018

A couple of days ago I got an Email from Amazon confirming an order for a number of mobile phone accessories which I most definitely didn't order. It said for delivery to my normal address. I checked my account and couldn't see any evidence of the order. I reported it to Amazon and received an automated acknowledgement. I checked my Credit Card account and found the items listed as pending payment, whereupon I cancelled my Card for safety reasons.

Over the next couple of days I've received a number of Emails from Amazon showing requests, supposedly from me, to change my password and the authorisation codes for secure login, all of which I've reported to Amazon.

It seems that my Account has been hacked along with my Email but what I can't understand is why they should still be directing the emails etc. to me, and why if they're trying to buy stuff on my account the delivery address shown should be my usual one, although they've probably fiddled that as well.

I've since found that although the purchases didn't show up on my 'Recent orders' list it seems they had hidden the orders as Amazon allows you to do and I only found them by using the 'Search orders' facility where they then showed up and I managed to cancel one of them as payment had been refused, because I've cancelled the card, but the other two say they've been dispatched.

So what I've done is changed my User name, password and Email address and deleted my Credit Cards from my account so at least that will stop them buying anything else if they get in again. It would seem to me that the best solution would be to cancel my Amazon account and start up a new one but it seems that if you do that you lose all your Kindle and Music Cloud content as well as any Apps you've bought.

  Anon-325822 21:06 26 Oct 2018

Had a related problem, but apparently much less worrying. See my thread (Suspicious change of Amazon sign-in) at < click here > (Sorry, don't know how to condense this to a simple 'Click here'.) Hope you're in the clear now, BT.

  Anon-2432433 11:15 27 Oct 2018

There is now a card reader available which you can attach to your computer which requires you swipe the card yourself. The effect of this is that it appears that you are actually at the merchant's checkout, so no card details and no security code are needed.

Cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it, but I think it was on TA!

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