Big fuss

  karmgord 18:36 05 Jun 2010

A big fuss and hoo ha is made when somebody goes insane and kills 12 innocent people yet when a deliberate policy kills 14
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what lessons are learnt?It strikes me that the MOD are more guilty
My condolences go out to all involved in both incidents

  Strawballs 18:41 05 Jun 2010

The big difference is that the MOD did not go out with the intention of killing at random!!!!!

  karmgord 18:48 05 Jun 2010

Bird went insane,had he not killed himself then he would have been locked up for life
Who has been brought to book over the nimrod or below:
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surely knowingly putting people in harms way is worse!

  spuds 20:55 05 Jun 2010

Sadly, the "knowingly putting people in harms way" will always be a part of everyday life.

Equipment that was once 'the finest money can buy', soon becomes poor equipment with usage and time. Even today there are still DC3's in full daily service in some communities.

Whatever the case, compensation will not bring dead people back, but most likely make the legal profession that slightly bit richer.

  ams4127 21:19 05 Jun 2010

Reading the full QuinetiQ report is a sobering experience. Glad I'm maintenance not aircrew. (not Nimrod)

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