Big Brother Will be Watching you ?

  amonra 20:40 19 Jun 2009

Whilst watching TV at lunchtime, one of the ladies on "Loose Women" raised a a very interesting point. The new government initiative of fast broadband for all would give them potential access into every house in this country. Is this the first step on the slippery slope to George Orwell's nightmare of 1984?
What do members think ?????

  laurie53 20:40 19 Jun 2009


  interzone55 20:48 19 Jun 2009

I'm echoing laurie53 here - how on earth would they get access to every house?

Just because there's the potential for an ADSL connection doesn't mean it's enabled.

Just because there's an active ADSL connection doesn't mean they can tap into it. Unless someone from MI5 breaks into your house, installs a covert camera capable of connecting to your network and assuming you don't have a firewall on your router.

If your really paranoid though you wouldn't even have a phone line to the house - did you know that the microphone on the old dial type phones was active all the time, anyone at the exchange could listen into your house at any time.

Better get the tin foil lined hat out to stop them listening into your thoughts...

  Brumas 20:59 19 Jun 2009

"Better get the tin foil lined hat out to stop them listening into your thoughts..."
Must admit, that made me chuckle...

  Clapton is God 21:11 19 Jun 2009

"What do members think ?????"

This one thinks that you must learn to take more water with it

  jakimo 21:30 19 Jun 2009

Take my advice and don't switch the light on,then they wont see who's in the room

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:32 19 Jun 2009

I feel that you are completely bonkers and irredeemably paranoid = worst dinner guest ever.


  UK Sub 04:21 20 Jun 2009

I think that if they tap in to my house they would get board very quickly.

Get up
Make daughter Breakfast
Take daughter to school
Go to work
Come home from work
Pick daughter up
Make daughter more food
Do more DIY

(repeat 4 to 5 times a week).

  laurie53 08:11 20 Jun 2009

"one of the ladies on "Loose Women" raised a a very interesting point. "

A real authoritative source then!

  Kevscar1 08:21 20 Jun 2009

Well since most of us on here have broadband already they could of been spying on us for years.
Oh my god they know I,m a boring old fart.

  peter99co 15:58 20 Jun 2009

It means WE can Watch the Government. And they do need watching!

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