BIG BROTHER is really here and now!

  uesquebeathus 14:02 04 Jul 2007

anyone had a look at this blog in the news

Linkin Park in cyberstalking storm
Woman admits to accessing singer's accounts
click here

by Linda Rosencrance

the details and information that was obtainable and found by this woman should send out real alarm bells for BIG BROTHER is watching, he can see, read get all and everything on everyone

  interzone55 15:05 04 Jul 2007

Being as it was a woman stalking this chap , perhaps this thread should be called

"BIG SISTER is really here and now!"

  Kate B 15:32 04 Jul 2007

That's not big brother at all, that's someone abusing a position of trust; and in the US, not here If you're going to bang on about big brother stuff, at least a) pick something germane and b) in the UK.

  Forum Editor 17:49 04 Jul 2007

which is that this woman was able to access all kinds of personal information, including mobile phone and email accounts, using an ordinary US government desktop computer.

She worked for a laboratory that's owned by The US department of energy's National Nuclear Security Administration, and over a fairly long period she monitored her victim's email. This enabled her to get all kinds of information, including passwords for various accounts - including the mobile phone accounts.

If nothing else, this is a salutory warning to people who might think that private emails are absolutely private. That's not necessarily the case, as this woman chillingly demonstrated.

  Al94 17:55 04 Jul 2007

and - if it can happen there it can most certainly happen here.

  rezeeg 18:37 04 Jul 2007

Not a very clever comment Kate B. It's very relevant because if a Jill Bloggs can do this then Big Brother/Sister can do even more, whether in the USA or UK.

  Kate B 18:43 04 Jul 2007

The point is it's not big brother-esque. It's someone abusing a position of trust, not some sinister government thing. And please leave off the insults - it weakens your argument.

  rezeeg 18:51 04 Jul 2007

Sorry touchy Kate B, it wasn't meant as an insult; just an observation that you were being unduly unfair to the poster.

  Stuartli 19:04 04 Jul 2007

Not really.

Have a look at the thread title again.

As Kate B correctly points out, it's an abuse of trust, but the FE is also on the mark about the wider implications.

  Kate B 19:09 04 Jul 2007

Thanks, Stuartli. And yes, Peter is spot on.

  spikeychris 19:18 04 Jul 2007

Why should the post be UK related?

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