The big boys reckon with PCA Forums it seems

  jack 09:33 01 Dec 2010

In the past it has to noted that some of the larger vendors in this market sector monitor what is written about them in these forums and if appropriate respond here also.
Thus is good PR.
One firm in particular who have an enviable reputation in my experience, but have their down times too, must have recently woken up to it beinbg a good idea and started responses in Consumerwatch.
But seen to have starerd with a little over kill because two responses currently in Consumerwatch are refering to posts of 2 and 3 years ago
But nevertheless less good on yer Novatech for effort

  Armchair 10:07 01 Dec 2010

You mean that Dave fellow from Mesh? He seems to be on here quite a bit.

  spuds 11:55 01 Dec 2010

The problem I have noticed with some companies that 'go live' on this or any other forum, is that they do not seem to stay the course, especially if people are feeding negatives all the time.

I would also suspect that some people responding on a companies behalf, may not have correct authorisation to do so, and may have taken the PR exercise on their own?.

The FE as welcomed a few 'representatives' to the forum, but how many of those are still around?.

  KremmenUK 12:19 01 Dec 2010

I think the post in question is the one that whilst created 2 years ago has been resurrected in the last few days by another poster who is so annoyed he has posted the same thing in 2 different threads.

I agree that NovaTech have an enviable reputation and reading the threads there must be more to it than has been revealed.

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