Beyond the pale

  Seth Haniel 10:22 25 Mar 2009

and a bit over the top
click here

  canarieslover 10:26 25 Mar 2009

And he relied on the SatNav for his job? I think I would look for a more reliable partner.

  Chegs ®™ 10:40 25 Mar 2009

There was a forum thread about satnavs & the stupid idiots that followed their electronic voice religiously.There is a brand new dual carriageway opened near me,everytime I turn on a satnav(I do it just for amusement)whilst on this road,it recalibrates itself & shows me driving in a field then tells me to turn left onto East Road(even if I'm travelling in the opposite direction,the satnav says turn left...)when there is no roadway to turn left onto but there is a disused railway bridge. :)

  interzone55 10:43 25 Mar 2009

Sat Navs are a fantastically useful tool, but as with any tool, you need to apply common sense.

If it tells you to drive off Beachy Head, you only do that if you need a very quick way to the rocks below...

  spuds 10:53 25 Mar 2009

Bit like a road (bridle-path) near to where I live. The local farmer and recovery company lost a regular income of rescuing vehicles on rainy days from the nearby ford, when the council gated and signposted the area.

  Cymro. 13:22 25 Mar 2009

I use a TomTom and all in all I am quite happy with it. But as has been said already it does need one to use some commonsense with it and accept that the device is just a machine and so has no commonsense of it`s own.

Here in rural Wales the device seems to relay too much on taking the shortest route everywhere even when the shortest route is not the best way to go. Follow the satnav too rigidly around here and you could end up half way up Snowdon.

  peter99co 13:33 25 Mar 2009

I was heading for Bala from the Midlands and my navigator tried to send me over a single track road. I had a caravan on the back and stopped as soon as I realized the error.

I was passing through Llangollen and the navigator had ignored the left turn over the river and given forward as the preferred route.

  Cymro. 13:47 25 Mar 2009

Mind you without a caravan it would have been a good way to see the more isolated and less visited parts of the country that are not so overdeveloped by tourism.

  Chegs ®™ 08:41 26 Mar 2009

An artic driver following his satnav tried to drive along a B road in the area,damaging 2 bridges(which he got stuck between)and lead to the roads closure for 6mths.Fortunately,I didnt live in the affected village but regularly had to endure the torrents of abuse from the villagers when transporting them home after a night out as it added £18 to their taxi fare having to use the alternative route.

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