Beware when parking tomorrow

  karmgord 14:36 25 Dec 2009

BEWARE,not all councils are treating tomorrow (boxing day) as a public or bank holiday,so make sure before you park you may still have to buy a ticket.
Whatever happened to the season of goodwill to all men?
Surely they (the scrooge councils not waiving parking restrictions)can afford one day to let people take advantage of the sales.

  anchor 15:39 25 Dec 2009

To misquote Ebeneezer Scrooge:

"Are there no parking meters"?

"And the pay & display car parks - are they still in operation"?

"They are", replied the council. "We are endeavouring to buy some meat and drink. At Christmastime OUR want is most keenly felt, and abundance rejoices"

"It's all HUMBUG, I tell you, HUMBUG".

  octal 17:17 25 Dec 2009

I've assumed that it's a normal day tomorrow, as it has been for years when the official Boxing day bank holiday is on a Monday, that makes Saturday a normal day.

  ronalddonald 17:21 25 Dec 2009

you really want to hit the councils tomorrow don't go by car use the bus or don't bother going into town, may be if the retailers get hit then they may listen to we drivers and lets us have a free parking on every boxing day regardless what day t falls on.

  Hercule Marple 17:38 25 Dec 2009

The shops will probably be crammed tomorrow. People have been cooped up for a whole day. I'll give the whole thing a wide berth.

  Forum Editor 09:52 26 Dec 2009

when parking on Monday - parking restrictions (at least in London) are NOT lifted on bank holidays.

  morddwyd 10:14 26 Dec 2009

This seems to be becoming more and more common.

Been lots of letters in the local papers recently about Sunday parking charges being introduced.

  190119 13:43 26 Dec 2009

Our local council introduced Sunday parking charges some time ago as well as a heafty increase in all parking charges.

Odd thing is, they can't understand why the town centre is dead with the majority of shops closed down.

  numpty_uk 15:49 27 Dec 2009

I'm wating until things get back to normal on Tuesday.
Local parking operators out in force on Saturday!
Local council must have been raking it in with fines!

  The Mountaineer 15:51 27 Dec 2009

Use Park & Ride with a bus pass then yer free and safe!

  bri-an 16:11 27 Dec 2009

The councils are using our money to provide local services. If they can get that money from parking charges then so be it - if they didn't (or gave us a 'holiday') then revenue is lost and must either be made up elsewhere, or services cut.

I can hear the complaints if they did either of those things, already!
Could I opine that if people have enough money left after the Xmas retail orgy and want to shop even more, they should be prepared to pay to park.

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