Beware postal scam

  Taw® 18:37 29 Dec 2005

Received a post card through the post yesterday telling me that my digital camera was ready for collection please contact on tel 0906### to arrange delivery. Not having ordered a digital camera I was going to phone and find out what it was all about, luckily I decided to read the small print and yes premium rate number £1.50min and at leat 5mins 50secs for the call. So all be aware and inform those less likely to read the small print such as the elderly. I hav contacted trading standards who have got back to me to say they are investigating as they have had a number of complaints and definately looks like a scam.

  SG Atlantis® 18:57 29 Dec 2005

thanks for that, really.

  PWFry 10:27 31 Dec 2005

I had the same postcard this morning, except that it was addressed to someone who used to live here years ago.

  mco 13:23 31 Dec 2005

the other day.. text message 'your New Year's order is now ready' Please call arrange delivery' Like I was going to call them back when I knew I hadn't ordered anything....

  HondaMan 13:46 31 Dec 2005

Had my card this morning. It is on its way to trading standards with a copy of this thread. Let's hope tey catch the bxxxxxxs. No doubt they have made hundreds if not thousands already. Perhaps this is a case where they should be made to forfeit their criminal earnings?

  anchor 17:27 31 Dec 2005

I am afraid that I am too cynical to expect something for nothing. I always ignore messages telling me that I won something.

When I was a teenager, (in those long far off days), a Yorkshire lady I knew said, "thee gets out for nowt, and not much for sixpence". Its as true now as it was then.

Perhaps I should add for the benefit of our younger members, a sixpence was a small silver coin worth 2.5p.

  MidgetMan 19:17 31 Dec 2005

Hmm, am loooking after a mates house over new yr, he has got this in the post, put in the pile, should i bin it?

  anchor 14:50 01 Jan 2006

MidgetMan: YES!

  Forum Editor 14:54 01 Jan 2006

not really a good idea to bin someone else's mail is it? Even if he is a mate, it might be better to tell him about the scam, and let him do the binning.

Just a thought.

  Taw® 16:16 01 Jan 2006

anchor so very true today even as it was all those years ago when there was a sixpence. The unfortunate thing about this scam is that I almost got caught out as I as going to ring to let them know I had not ordered anything, while I was alerted by the premium rate number some unsuspecting people may not be so fortunate

  MidgetMan 18:39 01 Jan 2006

"not really a good idea to bin someone else's mail is it? Even if he is a mate, it might be better to tell him about the scam, and let him do the binning."

Your right, they got back today ( i was out at time) called into to see them when i got back several hours later, after a while chatting about xmas etc mentioned about the the letter,too late, he had already called and was put on hold for at least 5 minutes before he hung up.

Doh, knew I should have left a note to say dont take ant notice.

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