Beware of this Phishing scam

  gudgulf 15:26 10 Dec 2004

This one is worth watching out for click here click here

  Chris the Ancient 19:08 10 Dec 2004

I found that second link to be flipping scary! With this SP2 to my XP Home, I thought this popping up was meant to be a darned sight more secure!

Is this going to be curable - either by MS or the public?

Just howe _are_ we going to tell where it is safe to go?

  Valvegrid 19:54 10 Dec 2004

In Secunia's site for the resolution it says:


Do not browse untrusted sites while browsing trusted sites.

Ermmm, I may be in thick mode at the moment, can anyone explain to this poor old brain cell what that statement means please.

  gudgulf 20:08 10 Dec 2004

If I read Secunia's site correctly then you have to be browsing a dodgy site (at least one the is involved in this scam) and then ,if you open a secure site any pop-up that opens when you click on a link in the secure sirte might be hijacked by the dodgy site.

I think that you must be browsing in a seperate window with both secure a dodgy site open at the same time.Tabbed browsing in Firefox or multiple windows open in IE.The advice reads as folows....Close ALL other sites before you view a secure site,just in case.

I tried the Secunia test,it got past my internet security measures too so I for one will heed that advice.The worrying thing is that you have originally visited the secure site quite correctly,so probably would not think twice about giving any asked for information.Very clever but very scary.

  Valvegrid 20:19 10 Dec 2004

for that explanation,the wording sounds like a contradiction in terms. The way you've explaned it makes sense. I close all other tabs anyway, before opening secure sites as a matter of course.

  Pesala 18:53 11 Dec 2004

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