Beware! A new trick.

  VoG II 10:32 11 Dec 2004
  Graham ® 10:55 11 Dec 2004

Certainly food for thought! I will read it again later, but will SP2 pop-up stopper give any protection, I wonder? At the moment I get an alert, and 'do I want to allow them from this site?' message.

  CurlyWhirly 10:55 11 Dec 2004

Sneaky little devils aren't they, these phishers?

  Forum Editor 11:51 11 Dec 2004

Things like this are the very kiss of death as far as the internet is concerned, and I wholeheartedly agree with Bill Thompson's penultimate paragraph:-

"Sorting out online security, clamping down on the fraudsters and stopping the scams has to be a priority, because without e-commerce the modern internet simply would not exist.
The net may have started as a publicly funded resource, but these days it is a private sector operation."

There was never a truer word spoken.

  fourjays 14:05 11 Dec 2004

I read a similar story about this via Google news beta the other day. It gave me a link to a test page, to test my browser. On their website it said that Firefox 1.0 is effected, yet when I ran the test it displayed the correct page - both on the 'pop-up blocker' and the 'No pop-up blocker' tests.

Ill try and find the test again, and post it here so everyone can give their browser a test.

PS: When I did it in IE the SP2 pop-up blocker went nuts on one test, and then showed the wrong page on the other test.

  fourjays 14:08 11 Dec 2004

Got it!

click here

  Dorsai 14:22 11 Dec 2004

firefox 1 seems vulnerable if it's pop up blocker turned off, but not if turned on.

But the two tests seemed to work identically either way.

I only got redirected if i turned the pop up blocker off, veiwed the page, and then refreshed the page. Just viewing it the first time was ok. But if i then hit refresh, i got re-directed. Odd. Perhaps i am missing the point?

  bof:) 14:13 13 Dec 2004

hi a very informative read.

I tried the test using IE6 and failed to stop the popup.

But using Mozilla 1.7.2 with the popup stopper on the beep to say popup blocked went mad. Beeping none-stop until I closed the Secunia webpage.

Only the city bank page was shown.


  zanwalk 17:57 13 Dec 2004

Thanks for the post, very interesting.

  Jeffers22 20:56 13 Dec 2004

Using Opera. I tried the test at the Secunia site and I got the Citibank spoof warning popup, not the Secunia popup - both with pop ups blocked and then with them enabled (after refresh of page).

Then tried it with IE. Gothcha! Secunia popup.

And I had forgotten how bloody slow IE is in comparison to Opera.

  end 23:41 13 Dec 2004

I have the google tolbar on lappy and it went ballistic with "stops":)

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