Better late than never - I suppose!

  spuds 16:53 25 Aug 2014

Whats's your views?.

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  Quickbeam 17:39 25 Aug 2014

Yes, Better late than never...

  rdave13 00:19 26 Aug 2014

Zero hours contracts are no contracts at all. How can they be? A zero contract is just that. If we do have so called 'Unions' why have they not trounced on such a grim idea before?

  BillSers 08:42 27 Aug 2014

I know os some employers who abuse the work placement scheme by using free labour for the term and then no job afterwards.

  spuds 11:24 27 Aug 2014


Not sure if you remember the YTS (Youth Training Scheme), when that was in existence. That was intended to get youth into employment, but in reality, in some cases it was abused by both the employer and the youth supposedly seeking employment.

Yet it all sounded very good on paper, because it appeared that the government of the day was doing something, including picking up the wages tab for most of the training that took place.

A relative of mine owned three hosiery factories, when this scheme was introduced, and took on quite a number of youths under the scheme. He had his successes as well as total failures, and to this day, he says in the long term he lost money in trying to help resolve some employment problems, using the YTS.

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