Best Xmas No.1 And Do you Care who is No.1...

  Z1100 23:32 17 Dec 2006

this year?

I loved the Pogues, Fairytale of New York.

But I have to admit I don't follow the charts anymore and I feel the Xmas No.1 Spot is more of a Marketing/Hype battle than a Popular Tune Battle.

Well OK, I did believe the charts were run properly in the 70's & 80's then I grew up...


  Kate B 23:35 17 Dec 2006

Yup, that's a great song.

  rodriguez 16:31 18 Dec 2006

I like most of the Christmas ones really, my favourite's probably Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade - they came from about 5 or 6 mile away from where I live :-D but this year's number one will probably just end up being Leona from X Factor.

  ventanas 16:44 18 Dec 2006

Christmas number 1's click here

  ventanas 16:47 18 Dec 2006

Just been through the whole list. I only bought one of them (1962).

  rodriguez 16:50 18 Dec 2006

Here's another list - click here. This one also lists the hits in December as well as the number 1s and you can also look at every top 40 hit from any month of any year since 1952.

  Totally-braindead 17:09 18 Dec 2006

I was going to say Bing Crosby and White Christmas but couldn't see it listed. Anyway that has to be my favourite Xmas song and I don't really care whats number one at Xmas as it usually rubbish (there are exceptions but not that many).

  facepaint 17:23 18 Dec 2006

I'm praying that this year's No.1 wil be Cliff again.
What a good old

Has his voice got higher?

  Forum Editor 17:30 18 Dec 2006

Be very, very careful. I'm watching.

  facepaint 17:57 18 Dec 2006

Sorry FE.
But it was a genuine comment on his latest single.
When I heard it recently I thought it was from a boy band!You obviously have'nt had the pleasure yet.

And not exactly sure about the angle you are coming from FE? Please explain.

  Apron 06:47 20 Dec 2006

1959 - Emile Ford. I went out with him when he played downstairs in Chiquita's.

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