Best Windows?

  Slithe 22:05 12 Dec 2005

I can remember, vaguely, the hype just over ten years ago following the launch of Windows 95, obviously, as the post title suggests, with Vista on the horizon, I'd be interested to know what people think the 'best' version of Windows was.

Although, XP will be popular, I wonder if any old favourites such as 3.11 or earlier will be chosen?

Personally, I think 95 was one of the best, it set a benchmark and led the development to XP. It certainlly ensured MS domination of the PC market, and made computing much easier and affordable. I can remember my dad having to pay for an engineer to put in a CD-ROM drive into an old 3.11 machine, it cost him about £200! Although, 95 could be a pain with things like that, I'll never forget dad being pleased with himself at installing a plug and play soundcard and not having to open his wallet!

  jz 22:43 12 Dec 2005

DOS was my favourite. Most people around me would have "win" in their autoexec.bat file so that Windows (3.1 I think) would load automatically at start up. Not me: Word Perfect for DOS was all I needed. I only loaded Windows when I absolutely had to. I was a power DOS user, and knew all the commands, and wrote complicated batch files.

Two years later, I realised that everyone around me seemed to be a Windows expert, and I could scarcely use the mouse. I had a lot of catching up to do. By then, we'd all been forced to switch to Word for Windows where I worked. People around me were writing macros and drawing diagrams in Word, but I was struggling, trying to type a capital N but accidentally pressing Ctrl N rather than Shift N. This produces a blank document, and there was me wondering where my report had gone. Undo (by then I'd found out about the undo command) didn't undo the blank sheet of paper.

  ade.h 22:49 12 Dec 2005

The UK launch of Vista will probably be the first time that I won't be rushing to get my hands on a copy. That's not to say that I won't be buying Vista; I almost certainly will, and sooner rather than later.

But XP is the first Windows OS that really works well for me; it does what I want it to virtually out of the box, is very easy to use, is more stable and vastly more stylish.

Windows 95 was replaced as soon as Win 98 was available. That was replaced by ME as soon as that was released, but ME was no improvement; better in a couple of respects but worse in others.

XP was a giant leap forward in comparison.

The optimist in me would say that the best OS has yet to be developed, let alone released. It may turn out to be Vista but maybe it will be Vista's successor.

  De Marcus™ 22:50 12 Dec 2005

Win98 opened the world of computing to the public imo, so it deserves top spot.

  De Marcus™ 22:52 12 Dec 2005

I'm looking forward forward to the responses in this thread, it's gonna be along un'.

  De Marcus™ 22:52 12 Dec 2005

spell checker!

  stalion 22:56 12 Dec 2005

for stability it's xp

  Skills 23:21 12 Dec 2005

XP for me too its far more stable than 95 / 98 never really used ME at all. Have only used 2000 in a work based environment which seem as good as XP but without the frills.

XP also has alot more functionally, I know alot of that to do with the fact the hardwares got alot better.

I was fixing a old PC up the other day and had to put 98 back on I was so glad to get back home to my XP box.

Im looking forward to Vista should be impressive in looks if nothing else but I wont be switching for a while. probably not until my next major upgrade as XP does everything I need and ive got it working how I like.

  Devil Fish 07:57 13 Dec 2005

still have fond memories of 3.11 being the os on my first ever pc

but i think xp is the top when it comes to it
because it is such an all rounder and stable as well

  sunny staines 08:17 13 Dec 2005

used w95,w98,w n/t,w200, xp pro.

winner xp pro. esy to configure and more stable.

  Chegs ®™ 09:01 13 Dec 2005

XP,followed a close second by 98se.There will be no mention of ME in this house,was advised to upgrade to it from an extremely stable 98se,only for it to crash within five mins of the desktop loading.I never got to see what differences were between 98se and ME,as 20 mins after loading it I was back to "format c:" ready to reinstall 98se.

XP,for all its bloat is good enough for my needs.My only issue is its recent shenanigans over reactivation requests.

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