best thread of 2004

  david.h 17:06 31 Dec 2004

Which thread did you find the most helpful or interesting in 2004?

  spikeychris 17:42 31 Dec 2004

What is best? Intel or AMD?


  Starfox 18:01 31 Dec 2004
  watchful 19:36 31 Dec 2004

I couldn't choose because there have been so many.

  david.h 22:20 31 Dec 2004

the most interesting thread in 2004 was the collection of animal photos that were blended between diffrent birds and animals. I told many people about it but could never find the thread again to show them.

  Colinp 23:02 01 Jan 2005

I think this might be the site you are talking about. click here

  david.h 14:32 02 Jan 2005

thats it thanks

  Colinp 17:22 02 Jan 2005

It happened to be in My Favourites folder so I recognised your description straight away. It took about 5 secs to do.


  david.h 21:43 02 Jan 2005

in my fav's now

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