best speach yet on the economy

  sunnystaines 20:56 24 Mar 2009

click here

sums up the state of the sinking of the ship, if you are a big fan of mr Brown thien its not for you.

  Jim Thing 21:22 24 Mar 2009

Brilliant! Promote that man immediately.

  perpetual motion 21:54 24 Mar 2009

You see "Daniel Hannan" IMHO talked good sense here & when the camera looked at GB he just was smirking.? does this man not listen..? if its true & every child born in the UK is born with £20K of national debt then something is VERY serious!

GB dont seem to be absorbing what is been pointed out here WHY.?

  rickf 22:08 24 Mar 2009

GB dont seem to be absorbing what is been pointed out here WHY.?

Because Gb and his lot just don't get it. Anyway, it appears that present day politicians are all in it for the money they can take from us taxpayers for their so-called expenses. Mandelson's department spending £2000 a month on flowers. YES, flowers. Was on TV last wk, programme about how the government is wasting our hard earned money.

  sunnystaines 22:11 24 Mar 2009

It was the fact that GB laughed as the state of our economy was laid out really spelled out just how much he cares.

  Forum Editor 22:38 24 Mar 2009

Daniel Hannan talks well and writes well - he's a journalist, and a professional speech writer. It was Hannan who used to write speeches for William Hague. He's also a Conservative, and when listening to him you get an idea of the kind of person who believes he is about to inherit the keys to the kingdom - after the next election he'll be hoping for a job in government.

  Forum Editor 22:39 24 Mar 2009

He laughed because that's what politicians do in such circumstances - don't be taken in by it.

  VNAM75 23:17 24 Mar 2009

I've never heard him before but it was a good speech and I'm surprised he's a conservative.

Did anyone watch newsnight? Jeremey paxman was interviewing a woman from the treasury about mervin king's statement about there being no more money left for bailouts. She went on about something entirely different, even after being prompted to answer the actual question posed several times by paxman. A lot of the front line labour figures are really arrogant, so full of themselves.

I'm not just saying that to be populist. I think on the whole "most" back bench labour mps are "largely" decent and honest, more so than the conservatives.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:25 24 Mar 2009

At last, someone in the UK who has a spine, is not terrified of the banks or telling Brown, in no uncertain terms, what is really occurring.


  newman35 08:03 25 Mar 2009

But he is a 'strong' Tory, so why the 'At last someone..'? The opposition parties have been saying things like this for months, surely?
Just because it's on 'you tube' makes it somehow braver? Don't understand the logic.

  laurie53 08:37 25 Mar 2009

I'm sure if I searched long enough I could find a politician who can refute, with incontrovertible evidence, every point made.

That's what politicians do, and they pay large numbers of people to help them do it.

While there will always be some truth in some of the speeches, anyone who regards all or most of it as a definitive statement is, at best, very naive.

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