The best place 2 play Tennis

  version8 15:40 20 Aug 2008

Is either:
A. In your garden?
B. In the road?
C. On a Tennis Court?

So why choose B and play in the road.
Seems i'm told the tarmac has a better bounce!

But what if they were run over who's fault would it be?
Well the drivers!

How stupid can these children be!!

  dagbladet 16:00 20 Aug 2008

I used to play football in the street every night. Obviously not the M1 or anything, just the cul-de-sac where we lived. When the shout, CAR! went out, we would all move to the side. Most of the drivers knew us and took it steady when we were playing. The only exception was a middle-aged couple, who were both school teachers. They were our biggest danger as they would speed up to run over the ball if they could and we in turn would run in front of the car so as not to get another ball burst.

  dagbladet 16:03 20 Aug 2008

Sorry...didn't answer the question.

In our case we didn't consider ourselves to be stupid, we just didn't have anywhere else to play. I don't know the situation with the aforementioned kids, but certainly round my way we are not over flush with public tennis courts, and the average garden round here is about suitable for a table-tennis table, with one side folded up.

  laurie53 20:47 20 Aug 2008

When I was in to tennis, a long time ago, the best place to play tennis was the local girls' school!

  mrwoowoo 20:51 20 Aug 2008

In our cul-de-sac it's football,tennis and cricket with a tennis ball.
No one really seems to mind too much.

  csqwared 21:20 20 Aug 2008

Although we do have parks and tennis courts within easy walking distance, those children who do play do so in the road outside. It seems that the parents are loth to let their children too far away from home, a reaction, though not agreeing with, I can quite understand. Ours is a sort of side street cum cul-de-sac so traffic is light, slow and usually someone who lives in the street so are aware of the kids.

  version8 14:07 21 Aug 2008

This was a main 'A' Road!
But i do think that those concerned are now wiser.
Seems they are not doing it today, may be the Police car parked near by has something to do with it!

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