Best Person for the Job?

  laurie53 20:17 15 Sep 2008

Iain Gray, the new leader of the Labour party in Scotland has appointed Margaret Curran to oversee policy development for the 2011 election.

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For those unfamiliar with Scottish politics, Margaret Curran was the candidate who last month lost one of the safest Labour seats in the UK, let alone Scotland, to the SNP.

Have I misunderstood?

I would have thought that with one loser in power in Westminster the last thing they would want is another loser directing affairs up here!

  canarieslover 20:28 15 Sep 2008

It's what is known as cronyism. Jobs for the boys, or in this case for the girls. It will enable her to get a mention in the press now and again so that she is not completely forgotten before the next election and therefore improve her chances.

  Joe R 20:29 15 Sep 2008

laurie53, it seems there is no-one else capable of doing anything in this rag-tag, and extremely under-achieving Labour Party up here.

Long gone are the days when, almost all working class households, automatically turned up at elections, and voted Labour.

I am not surprised the SNP are wiping the floor with the Labour party at the minute, as they seem to be going about their work, with a confidence and sureness, that the Labour party up here, have not possessed for a number of years now.

  CurlyWhirly 21:44 16 Sep 2008

"Long gone are the days when, almost all working class households, automatically turned up at elections, and voted Labour."

I'm not surprised as the government are 'out of touch' with the core voters like for example with the 10p tax fiasco.

  Stuartli 22:38 16 Sep 2008

I don't know Margaret Curran's capabilities, but the fact that she lost the safe seat was perhaps more the dramatic swing away from Labour rather than, I would suspect, her ability.

You can pretty well assume that a similar election fate will befall many other Labour candidates in the next election - it will be very difficult for Labour to reverse the majority of the public's current perception of the party.

  laurie53 08:35 17 Sep 2008

Couldn't agree more, but the fact is, she lost.

You don't pick a loser, no matter how deserving, to turn your fortunes round, if only for the sake of public perception.

The voters have rejected her but Gray has said to them, in effect, "You're view is wrong; I think she's good."

He may be right, but as one of those voters I am on the side of the Glasgow voters.

  laurie53 09:07 17 Sep 2008

Take your point, but she lost in Scotland, and as you say, what matters is what happens in Scotland.

Losing once doesn't mean you can never compete again, but if you lose in the heats, you don't normally qualify for the final.

  spuds 12:40 17 Sep 2008

Like most things in politics, the average punter or electorate on the streets would have no knowledge of internal workings of a party (any party) unless of course you were one of the selected few!.

Since the last general election in England, we haven't heard much from our 'elected' MP. Recently we are beginning to receive 'look what I have done' newsletters. Must be another election on the horizon!.

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