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  Managing ed 11:14 04 Aug 2007

In the PCA office we're quickly coming round to the idea that hosted online apps represent the future. We reckon these are the best tools around today:

click here

...but the nature of such tools suggests that we're probably missing out on some hidden gems. So, forum users, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with useful online sites, apps and tools we've missed. (What do you mean, getting forum members to do our jobs?)


Matt Egan
Managing Editor, PC Advisor

  sunny staines 16:23 04 Aug 2007

I would consider

IE7 Pro
WINASO reg optimiser
IObit AWC2
IObit defrag 3.1
down load accelerator plus 8.5 [run A2 Square to remove adaware program seems to then run even faster]

  LastChip 17:56 04 Aug 2007
  Pineman100 17:58 04 Aug 2007

Yeah - lots of lovely free download software being listed, but they're not what this thread is about.

  laurie53 20:26 04 Aug 2007

Most the ones so far listed have been on the PCA DVD/CDs, and therefore hardly qualify as ones they've "missed".

  Forum Editor 09:19 05 Aug 2007

that hosted online apps represent the future."

I wish I could share your optimism, but I'm afraid I can't. When the internet is perceived as being a safe place to work, maybe, but we're a long way from that at the moment. I simply couldn't recommend the use of hosted applications to any of my clients as things stand - the security implications are horrendous.

  LastChip 12:12 05 Aug 2007

I'm afraid I share the views above.

I can't see on-line applications being the future for a considerable time to come. The topology of the Internet would have to be totally redesigned as an ultra secure environment before that could happen.

Certainly I also want full control of my computers and no way, would I trust that outside of my own network.

If major financial institutions with all their expertise can screw up, what chance do you stand elsewhere?

WhiteTruckMan Re: 9:44 post, I think you're talking about "thin clients", a type of topology that is still used today, but is less popular than in the past. However, if that comes back in force, we will have almost turned a full circle!

  Forum Editor 12:56 05 Aug 2007

That's different, and has been going on for many years.

  Forum Editor 13:55 05 Aug 2007

1. Hardware costs are reduced - no hard drives, lower spec processors, longer replacement cycles, etc.

2. Better security.

3. Less network bandwidth consumption.

4. Easier IT admin

etc., etc.

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