Best Electric Scooter to buy?

  Duncan Slade 21:21 18 Aug 2019
  wee eddie 18:10 19 Aug 2019

I thought that the Heinkel was quite cool but it took a brave Brit to buy one

  wee eddie 18:18 19 Aug 2019

Sorry, I meant "The Messerschmitt" car

  Quickbeam 18:54 19 Aug 2019

Some very early bikes, showing the transition from a bicycle with an engine to motorcycle.

  oresome 19:50 19 Aug 2019

I thought that the Heinkel was quite cool

The passenger sat behind the driver with the Heinkel and you both climbed out of the top if I remember correctly.

With the Isetta you had the luxury of sitting side by side. When he was attracting the ladies, he always told them he had a BMW. I would have loved to have seen their faces when confronted with sitting in the Isetta.

  Menzie 19:52 19 Aug 2019

We never had any of those in our household. My Dad had a Hillman Hunter.

My Mother when she eventually decided to drive bought a brand new Ford Sierra which she later changed for a Golf GTI.

My Dad went with a Toyota Corolla after the Hillman.

Prior to last year I'd never seen a motorised cycle and prior to the late 90s when one was featured in a sitcom, I'd never heard of a bubble car.

I'd ride a bicycle to and from work if I could during the summer. Not quite sure if I'd make the 12 mile trip each way with my current level of fitness.

  oresome 09:51 20 Aug 2019

I think these vehicles were a symptom of the austerity years following the second world war.

Strangely both my brother's bubble car and my father in law's dell boy Reliant actually had reverse gears at the time but couldn't then be driven on a motorcycle licence so they were blocked off as neither had passed a car driving test!

Once reverse was blocked off, you could happily drive them with no L plates on a full motorcycle licence.

Don't ask me why.

A friend who drove a Reliant for years on a motorcycle licence took the bar off the reverse gear the day before he took his car driving test in it, passed and got a car licence and then went back to driving his other four wheeled car without the L plates.

  Quickbeam 09:56 20 Aug 2019

'these vehicles were a symptom of the austerity years'

Does that mean we'll be seeing more of these post Brexit...

(That's not a serious comment)

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