Best currency for Turkey

  Picklefactory 12:50 25 Jul 2008

Hello folks. Just looking for some opinions or recent experience. I'm off to Turkey tomorrow and have heard various views on whether it's more economical to buy Lira here or take Sterling there, apparently the Turks are quite fond of Sterling and US Dollars, more so than their own Lira.
Not looking for financial advice, just opinions.

  Clapton is God 13:06 25 Jul 2008

Depending on how much 'spending money' you've budgeted for, take half in Lira and half in Sterling.

You're going to need some Lira anyway for those first half-a-dozen beers you'll need after you stagger off the plane. ;-)

  Picklefactory 13:08 25 Jul 2008

1st beers catered for, staying at my cousin's place, if he hasn't got a cold one waiting, there'll be trouble.

  spuds 14:11 25 Jul 2008

Take both, especially if there is a taxi fare or porters to pay after the airport.

Personally in my travelling days, I use to do a Clint Eastwood. A Fistful of Dollars (us$) never went amiss.

  Clapton is God 14:17 25 Jul 2008

"Take both"

Um, I think I said that more than an hour ago!

  tullie 14:27 25 Jul 2008

Rember you need £10 each to pay when you arrive.

  day2strike 14:50 25 Jul 2008

The best currency for Turkeys must be to try to get away before christmas?

  lofty29 17:32 25 Jul 2008

Be careful that your currency is not all gobbled up or you could end up stuffed

  rossgolf 18:22 25 Jul 2008

im going turkey monday :D

what part are you going?

  mikef. 18:58 25 Jul 2008

Having been to Turkey a couple of times, as said you need £10 sterling for your entry visa when you arrive, when there a lot of places, but not all, will accept Sterling, Euro's or Dollars, however the exchange rate will not be as good as official rates so for best rate get Turkish Lira and if you can get it without to much, or non if with Nationwide, charges your best bet is ATM's, of which there are loads

  Zaphod 3 19:27 25 Jul 2008

Just got back this morning, we took sterling and sterling travellers cheques. The exchange rate for cash was much better than anything over here. Travellers cheques were taken obviously for their security should anything untoward happen.

Most shops, restaurants and bars are more than happy to take sterling credit and debit cards can be a bit more challenging.

For anyone who may be we interested we have been staying at Calis beach near Fethiye. Closest airport Dalaman.

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