berwick should it stay or go

  sunny staines 13:28 17 Feb 2008

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benefits are better in scotland cannot see a bonus for staying with england.

visited it last year. A dire gloomy looking town with poor selection of shops, nothing attractive about the place only stayed a day and moved on.

  Brumas 14:12 17 Feb 2008

With respect ,if I had to choose between Staines and Berwick-upon-Tweed, I know which I would choose ;o)

You must have picked a bad day, because the town sits beautifully inside its Elizabethan ramparts and the views seaward towards Holy Island and inland along the Tweed are stunning.

As for rejoining Scotland,in my opinion, it is a case of half a dozen of one and six of another.

  Forum Editor 14:26 17 Feb 2008

and whether it stays in England or becomes part od Scotland is surely immaterial as far as the rest of us are concerned? It will still be a lovely town, they'll still let us in, and I would have thought it's a matter for the people who live there, and the Scottish parliament.

  wee eddie 14:30 17 Feb 2008

I can't see what it matters.

Both England and Scotland are pretty "Tin-pot States" in World politics Terms. Neither of them can manage a decent Football/Rugby/Cricket Team.

Will it make a difference?

  tullie 14:35 17 Feb 2008

Neither can many other EEC countries

  Forum Editor 14:45 17 Feb 2008

I'm not sure that the way to assess a country's status in the world is by looking at whether it can "manage a decent Football/Rugby/Cricket Team".

America would certainly fail the test on at least two of your criteria, and it can hardly be termed a tin-pot state.

  sunny staines 16:00 17 Feb 2008

surrounding area is great just town centre let down, remainder of nothumbria was excellent esp seahouses and the big castle up the coast.

  sunny staines 16:01 17 Feb 2008

staines is no good thats why i'm moving.

  Forum Editor 16:05 17 Feb 2008

is Bamburgh, and it's pretty impressive, I agree.

For centuries Berwick-upon-Tweed was never too sure whether it was in Scotland or England - it changed hands fourteen times in three hundred years. This time I hope they'll decide once and for all.

  robgf 17:34 17 Feb 2008

As they cant decide between England, or Scotland. Why not make Berwick and independent country.
Then Great Britain would be England, Scotland, Wales and Berwick-upon-Tweed, which I think has a nice ring to it.

  Forum Editor 17:36 17 Feb 2008

Then there would just be the details to settle, such as a government, laws, and an economy.

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