Bentley with a Spitfire engine

  Woolwell 22:40 28 Nov 2011

I know that many of you are interested in cars. I was browsing for something else and came across this Bentley with a Spitfire engine. The pictures are good and click on the related article for the story behind it.

  Woolwell 22:43 28 Nov 2011

A link that should work Bentley

  Aitchbee 22:56 28 Nov 2011

I like the quintessential '12 exhausts' Woolwell. The green paintwork makes it a 'green' car. I want one.

  Woolwell 22:59 28 Nov 2011

It isn't green not with a 2 - 3 mpg.

  Brumas 23:00 28 Nov 2011

Woolwell, now that's what I call a car, however I suspect the mpg and the price of petrol alone would be beyond my budget :o{

  Forum Editor 23:22 28 Nov 2011

Neither the chassis or the engine have anything to do with Bentley, so it's not really a Bentley is it?.

The body - which is a copy - is superb however.

  Strawballs 01:47 29 Nov 2011

They had an 800 series Rover with a Merlin engine in it on 5th gear once it was doing close on 200MPH at about 500RPM.

  zzzz999 03:38 29 Nov 2011

Corners brilliantly but everytime it sees a Volkswagen it climbs into the sun and dives at it :-)

  Quickbeam 07:38 29 Nov 2011

It's the sort of Saturday mod I would have done on my bike 30 years ago if I'd gotten my hands on a Merlin.

I knew someone at that time that bought a 7 cylinder radial aero engine and planned to do similar with it in a trike, but I think it became another pipe dream that never saw the light of day.

  Quickbeam 08:02 29 Nov 2011

I seem to remember reading somewhere that a Merlin engine breathes the volume of a London bus every minute though it's carburettors.

  Crosstrainer2 08:17 29 Nov 2011

Just imagine how scary that would be at the speed it's capable of? I don't know what they did with the gearing but I reckon it would be truly terrifying at speed.

Beautiful car though!

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