carver 16:21 24 Mar 2010

I thought that I was seeing things when I read this but afraid not click here

So it just goes to show that our laws now do not mean a thing as far as EU is concerned, just wonder how many British people could go to another country and claim benefits never mind claiming for their children back in England.

Suppose I can't really complain, it's only money that we have payed in taxes while working, imagine the claimant explaining that he has a wife and sixteen kids back home.

  spuds 17:28 24 Mar 2010

Bit like some pensioners who have moved overseas, possibly to warmer areas to see out their remaining days, only to be told that they are not entitled to receive a 'full' pension, even though they have most possibly paid to the scheme all of their working lives.

Who says charity begins at home?.

  Awshum 17:32 24 Mar 2010

If he's a parent and in the UK he's entitled to the money!

What is the disgrace is the narrow-minded and tight-fisted hardworking tax payers like you!

Come on in.... plenty to go around!

  Awshum 17:37 24 Mar 2010

(and if there's not we'll borrow it)

  Kevscar1 18:00 24 Mar 2010

Everytime something like this comes up I have to wonder why we are in the EU.
maybe I'll write Brussels asking them to fund sueing the NHS and forcing them to amputate my hand or if I pop over to france for they day they would have to do it for me.

  BT 18:13 24 Mar 2010

I have recently retired and having worked and paid my taxes for 40+years I find that if I go into hospital my State pension will be docked to pay for my time in hospital. I will still have all my bills to pay and so my wife has to live on fresh air while I am in Hospital.
Its hard enough to get extra benefits with all the rules, but it seems that these EC 'Foreigners' can come here and get anything. There are even help centres (I've seen it on TV) where there are do gooders helping these people to claim these benefits. Its a pity they can't turn their attentions to their own countrymen.
I once had cause to attend a Benefits Office to sort out a claim for my Mother in Law and when I asked what she was entitled to was told, " We're not allowed to tell you that, you'll have to find out elsewhere."

  egapup 19:01 24 Mar 2010

I've just had my hours cut, better then redundancey I suppose, just hope I can claim some help.

  morddwyd 20:18 24 Mar 2010

At 72 I'm beginning to have a bit of difficulty getting my disabled wife into and out of the shower.

When we asked if any help was available the first thing they wanted to know was how much the house was worth (a 3 bed semi, ex married quarter, which still has a mortgage).

They also told me I would have to forfeit my war pension (not my service pension, my war pension, awarded to me because of a disability caused by my service in the forces).

  Bingalau 20:35 24 Mar 2010

morddwyd. Have you approached the British Legion or SSAFA for help? Might be worth a try.

  AL47 20:35 24 Mar 2010

i hate these threads, the EU is taking this country as a fool!

how tempted am i to vote for a party that takes out of the EU? very!

  Bingalau 20:36 24 Mar 2010

Or maybe as you appear to be ex Navy why not try the RNBT or whatever it is called these days. I know I would if I was desperate.

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