Bejing Olympics Opening

  johndrew 14:27 08 Aug 2008

I hope that no-one misses this spectacle. I have just watched it - the competitor parade is now on - and it was magnificent.

The only problem is how do we match it in 2012!!!!

  smartpoly 14:30 08 Aug 2008

Already threaded.
click here

  johndrew 14:30 08 Aug 2008

Bit late with this I`ve just seen smartpoly`s thread. I tick it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 08 Aug 2008

We are screwed and I notice that one of our leading boxers is returning home without throwing a punch.../sigh


  Jim Thing 17:24 08 Aug 2008

Can't you just imagine the poor sod who has to cobble together an Opening ceremony for London 2012? Right now he's sitting with his head in hs hands, moaning "Aw Sh*t!"

  johndrew 20:09 08 Aug 2008

`... sitting with his head in hs hands ...`

Especially with the costs at our rates compared to those in China. Not to mention the numbers in the cast, the work ethic, the ease with which people can be evicted and kept out of the way as necessary - fireworks were good as well; I still remember the `River of Fire` at the millennium :-((

As for our boxer, GANDALF <|:-)>, isn`t that down to someone trying to put him in a lower weight to that he has been fighting at - not a sensible plan I would have thought.

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