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Being Banned from using PS3.

  Petesilver 19:51 06 Dec 2013

Before I start I must say I known nothing about PS3, but this has happened to a very good friend who unfortunately suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair so obviously enjoys using his PS3. Anyway a few days ago without any previous notification he had a communication to he was being banned from using PS3 forever, because he had been hacking their system, no I know him well enough to know he wouldn't even know how to do it, so what do one do as it seems a done deal with no comeback nobody else uses the PS3 I am just very angry and annoyed but where does one start, who else can we complain to or perhaps PCA could take it up......... Regards Peter Perham

  Petesilver 20:54 16 Dec 2013

Thank you for your comments, but I am 100% certain he dosn't even know how to hack anything....... He has now been told by Sony he will have to buy the latest PS3 to be able to get back on line, sounds like a lot of bribery to me.

  lotvic 21:11 16 Dec 2013

Perhaps another 'helpful' friend, or someone he let play on his PS3, has performed the latest PS3 jailbreak (dubbed unpatchable and the final hack) click here

  lotvic 21:25 16 Dec 2013

Wise words from bjh. Contact Sony, because it's possible that it's a scam and not Sony.

  Petesilver 17:55 21 Dec 2013

I thank you all for you help and advice which I will pass on and hopefully he can sort it out when he comes out of hospital as unfortunately he has had a relapse from his Multiple Sclerosis so it could be some time before he will be fit enough to try and sort it out but I think the info from bjh looks the course to take. So thanks all for the information.

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