The beginning of the end for WWW ?

  Dragon_Heart 22:17 02 Nov 2006

The World Wide Web has just had it's 15th birthday. Yes on 6th August, 1991 Tim Berners Lee ( now Sir Tim ) formally introduced his WWW project to the world.

By November of that year the 1st web server outside Europe goes online and within only 12 months there are 26 web servers online.

August 1995 sees almost 19,000 websites online, by the following August there were now over 342,000 and by the same month in 2000 there were over 20 million .... but 2000 also saw 8 websites including Yahoo CNN and Amazon crippled by hackers.

We now have over 92.6 million sites.

Sir Tim Berners Lee was recently reported as saying he was concerned about the volume of 'misinformation' on the web and what with Virus's, Trojans, Worms, Time bombs, Logic Bombs. Rabbits ( they eat computer resources not grass ) Bacterium, Spam, Phishing, Spyware, Tunnelling, False websites, Spoofing, Scanning, Snooping & e-mail harvesting is the end in sight for the Internet ?

  Z1100 22:30 02 Nov 2006

the www can trace its roots back to 1965!
So can I, but Shhhh...

  Dragon_Heart 22:41 02 Nov 2006

Yes, but back in 1965 it was to be used by the US military in case of normal communications breakdown.

The US military would have wanted 'belt, braces & superglue' security but the WWW was destined to be more 'open' and as a result we have all these problems which so far we can only react to.

  squillary 23:00 02 Nov 2006

The World Wide Web is not older than 1991.

The Internet is older than 1991.

They aren't the same thing and shouldn't be confused - which is what you've done.

Whatever happened to Janet and her gopher - that's what I want to know...

  rodriguez 23:06 02 Nov 2006

The World Wide Web is loading web pages with text and graphical content.

The Internet is transferring packets of data from one computer to another, usually over a phone line.

I think that's about right anyway, it;s been nearly 2 years since I did it at college...

  Dragon_Heart 23:38 02 Nov 2006

OK so the World Wide Web is accessible via the Internet but lets not split hairs.

As for "Janet and her gopher" maybe Archie ate them ?

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